Lee-Anne Wann’s Top 10 Tips To Getting Fit

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Do you ever wonder why you don’t get the results you’re after when you work out? Kiwi Living’s health & fitness expert, Lee-Anne Wann, believes you don’t have to get sweaty to get results and she’s running free fitness sessions to prove it. The first session is in Auckland this Thursday 30 July (6.30am) and the other is in New Plymouth on Thursday 6 August (2pm). Lee-Anne’s sessions will target those stubborn butt and tummy areas while providing loads of tips and hints to getting the best out of your workouts. To get into the swing of things we caught up with Lee-Anne (who is also the official nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors) to find out her top ten tips to getting fit.

1. Only Do Workouts you enjoy

People who love to exercise don’t waste time with activities they despise. Start with an activity that you’re interested in or already enjoy – it doesn’t have to be what your neighbour said helped her lose weight or what the group-class trend of the moment is. What matters is that you like it. If you don’t want to do it, you will make an excuse to skip it tonight (and tomorrow, and the next day).

2. Make your social time healthy time

Getting motivated with exercise and healthy habits is always way more fun with friends and don’t assume that none of your friends want to work out or change some eating habits – you may find one who wants to get in shape alongside you.

3. Reward Yourself

Your goal is to make exercise an automatic habit that you don’t have to agonise over. A way to reinforce the routine is to reward you for a job well done. A great idea is to set up a checking account that you deposit a set amount of money each week when you successfully stick to your fitness or health goals. And every time you miss them? You withdraw the money. At the end of the month take the money and do something fun.

4. Getting started

Never underestimate the power of the small – aim for 1-2 small things each week that you are going to commit to consistently such as drinking 1.5 litres of water every day or adding in 2 cups of green tea a day or do a 10 minute walk every lunchtime – we are the sum of what we do consistently not on occasion.

5.  Prioritise yourself

We often put everything else before our own needs and desires – the truth is we cannot help anyone else or be there for others if we are not fit, strong and healthy so book some time into your schedule just for you to do some exercise, to have a massage, to stock the cupboards with healthy food.

6. Add in the good stuff before worrying about cutting out the bad

Adding in good things that will help you feel great and boost energy are a sure fire way to get yourself on track without feeling miserable or deprived – I make sure to have chia seeds, coconut oil, green tea, plenty of water and lemon juice to name a few.

7. Use weights to reduce stress and create beautiful shape

Strength training is the perfect way to counter the physiologic chronic stress response caused by life because it elevates the body’s natural anti-stress system. It also improves energy use, builds muscle and makes you feel good.

8. Working smarter not longer

Want to lose weight and feel ‘alive’ but short on time? Not to worry HIIT sessions are the best for stripping fat and leaving you feeling fabulous and best of all they only take 10-20 minutes. Try walking for 40 seconds and running for 20 seconds for 16 minutes or on a bike go for 8 seconds sprinting and 12 seconds slow pedaling for 12 or 18 minutes. You’ll be burning fat for the next 8-12 hours so do it in the morning to make the most of it.

9. Save your money

Exercising at home really does work so don’t stress about paying money to go to a gym. Go around your house with a pen and pad listing areas you can do an exercise in and create your own home circuit e.g. squats at the kitchen sink, lunges on the stairs, triceps dips on the bath tub, shoulder presses with a pumpkin, side lunges in the laundry and perform that exercise every time you are in that area.

10. My 10 minute Rule

Not feeling like exercising today? Just head out and do 10 minutes – that’s all and yes it really is enough to make changes and most of the time we feel so much better in that short space of time we want to keep going.


Free Fitness Session Run by Kiwi Living’s Lee-Anne Wann 

Event Information: 


Thursday 30 July, 6:30am – 7:30am

YMCA Auckland City Fitness, 149 Greys Ave



Thursday 6 August, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

YMCA New Plymouth Fitness Centre, 83 Liardet Street


For more details on these events click HERE

To catch Lee-Anne on screen with her fellow presenters you can tune into Kiwi Living on Fridays, 7.30pm, TV ONE.

For more information on Lee-Anne visit www.leeannewann.com