Lazy Girl’s Guide To Moisturising Your Body

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Above: NIVEA’s new In-Shower Body Lotions.



NIVEA is about to launch its first ever body moisturiser you can use in the shower. Yep no more getting out of a warm shower and having to layer cold moisturiser on your skin. NIVEA has created an In-Shower Body Lotion range that really does what it says. It’s not a moisturising body wash either. It’s a totally hassle-free way to moisturise while you’re in the shower.

There are two products in the range – one is for normal skin and the other is for very dry skin.

All you do is:

1. WASH – Cleanse yourself with shower gel as usual and rinse off.

2. APPLY – Stepping back from the shower stream, apply a generous amount of NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion. You’ll be amazed how quickly it rubs in.

3. RINSE – The formula will immediately be absorbed into your skin and then you can rinse off.

4. READY– Dry off and you can get dressed immediately!

So gone are the days where you need to wait around for your skin to absorb moisturiser after showering, and with no greasy after-feeling, you can slip your clothes straight on and carry on with your day. I’m loving this!

This fab new product will be available in supermarkets and selected pharmacies nationwide from September for $9.49 each so keep an eye out.

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Above: NIVEA’s In-Shower Body Lotion for normal to dry skin.


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Above: NIVEA’s In-Shower Body Lotion for very dry skin.