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I did it! Okay my body is KILLING me but I ran the entire 10K of the Nike She Runs The Night Event in Sydney last night. Phew!

And while I didn’t do it in the time I’d hoped (I was shooting for under an hour – dreaming more like it) I did scrape in at a respectable (for me) 1 hour three minutes. See here’s the proof.


Above: My time – woo hoo!

It’s funny how important these times get when you’re training for an event but hey that’s half the fun of it really.

But last night was truly A-mazing. There were a whopping 6000 women who took part in the run and to be in the middle of that was (okay this is going to sound naff but it’s true) exhilarating.


Above: To get into the Nike arena set up in Sydney’s Centennial Parklands we all walked through these fab illuminated shipping containers with built-in strobing dance floors! It was crazy cool.



Once inside there was music pumping, live dancing on stage, warm-up areas, free massages and even a stand supplying runners with bobby pins and hair ties – bless these guys had thought of it all.

I was feeling extra special too because “team New Zealand” as we like to call ourselves was holed up in a hot pink converted shipping container (it was cool) that was part of the VIP area. I wasn’t going to say no to a bit of pre-race pampering.

That’s us below looking like we’ve just landed with our bums in the butter. Probably because we had!


On of the perks (there were many) of being in the VIP area was getting to meet some famous people (always fun). That’s me below with Home & Away’s uber gorgeous Jodi Gordon. And no that’s not a beer bottle in my hand.


Above: Aussie soap star Jodi Gordon and moi.


Above: This was probably the scariest part of the event – the countdown to kick off. That’s my fab Nike GPS watch which mapped my run and the green thingey was a cool flashing light thing that showed which group I was running with.


Above: Okay that’s me pre-race thinking “what have I got myself in for here?”


Above: These Nike Lunar’s gave me wings (well almost). The number is my timing chip which tracked my stats during the run.


Above: This is the editor of Remix magazine, Tina Moore and she ran the best time out of us four Kiwi girls. She did us proud with a time of 52 minutes – now that’s what I call representing!


Above: This is me post-race with Gabs (very easy on the eye) Lewis – one of the Kiwi poster boys for Nike. He’s been a huge support to all of us and was there cheering us on last night – thanks Gabs. Oh and BTW I haven’t had a perm (even though it looks like it) – my hair just looked like s$#t after the race. But hey – I was alive!


Above: Now I sure didn’t think I could burn rubber but clearly I did last night. During the race I ran my fastest 1K ever! I did it in 5.44 minutes and that’s smokin’ (for me anyway).

I reckon I smashed my 1K record because I couldn’t help but get swept up in all the energy and excitement last night. All the cool entertainment along the way made the time go fast and helped me to forget the fact that I was in PAIN. There was music pumping, fun glow-in-the-dark stuff to pick up en route (damn may have come in under an hour if I hadn’t done this), fire shooting out of canon-type things on the side of the road – it was O for awesome.

It also helped being part of such a big group of women who were all out there for the same reason – to have fun and reclaim the night.

In the end I realised it’s not the finishing time that’s important it’s about being part of something that truly makes you feel alive!

Thanks Nike and team “New Zealand’s” Rebecca Lawson, Tina Moore and Katherine Lowe – it’s been a blast!


Above: Nike She Runs The Night 10K, Sydney 2013.



Above: Nike She Runs The Night 10K, Sydney 2013.



Above: Nike She Runs The Night 10K, Sydney 2013.



Above: Nike She Runs The Night 10K, Sydney 2013.


NZ Runners

Above: “Team NZ”