The Incredible New “Facial” That Banishes Sagging Skin

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This facial isn’t exactly relaxing but there’s a very good reason for that – it works! And when I say works I mean really works. Ulthera is the latest non-surgical face-lifting device that is said to ‘shrink-wrap’ your face from the inside, tightening sagging skin and kick-starting the growth of new collagen. Yay!

I was one of the lucky first few in New Zealand to try out this new treatment that uses ultrasound energy to heat the deep muscle-like layer of tissue under the skin. The thinking is that when you add heat to this muscle layer it contracts and tightens. A little bit like tossing a piece of meat onto the BBQ – it instantly shrinks and tightens. Sorry about the slightly off-putting analogy but it’s exactly how it works.

At first, the treatment which involves a small handheld device being placed on your skin, feels fine, just a light tingling sensation but once it gets going things do start to heat up – quite literally. The heat you feel during the treatment is what helps to produce new collagen over the next three months.

Ulthera is said to be loved by a host of Hollywood stars and the before-and-after pictures on the company’s website sure look impressive. So after seeing the results I was super keen to try it out for myself. To start with, my face is marked up with a white makeup pencil to divide it into different zones.

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Above: Registered nurse Nikki Blackley performs my Ulthera treatment.


The Ulthera hand piece is linked to an Ultrasound machine that shows the layers of my skin and tissue. The treatment is designed to lift, firm and also stimulate collagen (which plumps up your skin, reducing lines) and elastin (to lift the skin and underlying muscles) production. All without damaging the surface layer.

The bonus of the treatment is that you can see an immediate tightening straight away which carries on working and improving your skin and muscle tone for up to three months, then lasts for two years. There is also no down time, no bruising or swelling, only slight redness, no needles – you can get it done in your lunchtime, return to work and no one would know. The downside is you have to wait six months until you see the full effects. However, each day it’s hard not to get excited about everything looking a little more taught, less saggy and firmer. 

The area I really wanted to target was the slight jowling I’d started to see appear on my lower jaw. It’s been almost ten weeks since my treatment and I’ve definitely noticed a significant difference in that area. Ulthera can also treat your brow area, around the eyes, around the mouth, your neck and face plus your décolletage. 

Okay if I’m honest there was a little discomfort during some of the treatment but this is a sign that the collagen-building process has started so basically it means it’s working. Reminding myself of this definitely made the procedure a whole lot easier.  Plus it only takes around 45 minutes so it’s over before you know it.

Watch the treatment in action in this short video below. 

Above: Immediately after the treatment with only slight redness visible.



Would I do it again? You betcha! 

Ulthera is available at Auckland’s and prices start from $900 for a brow treatment to $3,500 for a full face. For a free consultation phone (09) 354-4121.