I’m On The Move

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Above: Hope I come back looking like this!



It’s not every day I get an invite like the one below and so before I’d even finished reading it I knew my answer would be YES. Who in their right mind passes up an opportunity to Move With Nike to a tropical island (in the middle of winter) to change the way they “think about training and running – forever”. I mean really? Not me that’s for sure.


Above: My invitation.


I ran the Nike She Runs The Night event in Sydney back in May and while I have kept up my running I haven’t done anywhere near as much as I would have liked to.

I’m one of those people who need some sort of goal to train for. Something that gets me into my running gear and out the door. I’m always good at finding an excuse – especially when it’s cold and wet outside. Well I’ve been making too many excuses lately (wish I hadn’t now) and that’s why I can’t wait to head north with Nike next week to get back on track (so to speak). Oh and jetting off to a luxury resort on a tropical island just seals the deal.

While I’m told we need to bring our togs I can’t imagine it will be all Pina Coladas by the pool somehow!

But hey who doesn’t want to shake those winter blues away and move more and move better?

The only trick is my 3.30am wakeup call on Tuesday morning to catch the first flight to Brisbane – but hey who’s complaining?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening on Hamilton Island and there will still be plenty of cool stuff happening here on the site while I’m away so don’t forget to check back here regularly.

Can’t wait to share everything I learn too so stay tuned.