How to – get wax out of a candle jar

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I love candles and am always burning through them (pardon the pun) here at Style Insider HQ. But I usually throw away the glass jars when the candle is spent because no matter how long I burn the candle for I can’t get seem to get the last remnants of wax out of the bottom of the jar – until now that is.

I’ve always wanted to use my beautiful candle jars to store my makeup brushes, lipliners, lip glosses, hair ties and other treasures but you need the wax out of the bottom otherwise they don’t look as pretty and you get little bits of wax breaking off and making a mess.

I’ve recently found a simple way to get the last bits of wax from the jar. There are different ways to do this but the easiest way I’ve found is to pop the jar in the freezer overnight and the next morning run a knife around the edge of the wax. This loosens the wax and then using the knife you simply prize the wax away from the edges and out of the jar.

Every time I’ve tried this the wax comes out as a single piece.

It’s a really handy trick and it means you no longer have to throw away these beautiful jars.

I’d love to hear if you have any other handy home tips to share.