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My boys are getting to the age where I want them to start learning some of those adult life skills that will set them up with a good work ethic, keep them on track, and make them more productive. While they do learn some of these in the classroom, there’s definitely always room for improvement!

When kids get to the age of 11-12 it’s great to get them started with time management and organisation skills – they’re heading into high school and exams are about to hit, so it’s key to get these habits started early!  banter. morph is new and exclusive to Warehouse Stationery and perfect for kids of this age.

  1. Teach them to plan their week

This might seem easy to adults, but kids often don’t think too far ahead so this is a trick to help them learn! A weekly planner is really useful here (this one from banter. morph is perfect). Tell your teens to write down all the activities they have throughout the week, then on the day before they write whatever they need to do to prepare for that activity. Little tick-boxes next to each task will keep them on track and give them a sense of satisfaction when they don’t forget their swimming togs!


2. Give them a watch and clock

A wall clock in their bedroom will keep them on track in the mornings before school (check out this one from banter. morph), and a watch will ensure they’re never late to class! A watch with a stopwatch function is really helpful – when they’re studying for exams they can keep themselves on track to the very minute!

3. Give them a backpack with lots of compartments

A sturdy backpack with many compartments and pockets can really help with organisation. Try to find one with two to three large sections so they can divide their books up in order of when they need them. Small pockets can hold school supplies.

4. Reward them

There’s nothing better than watching a kid get through a whole week without forgetting their homework once! Reward them with cool stuff that will sneakily help them with their new-found organisation skills. This DIY crate from banter. morph is fun to put together and a perfect desk caddy. My son loves his – here it is looking fab with the rest of his new stationery in his newly madeover room.



5. Teach them to write ‘to do’ lists

Another key tool that can help boost a teen’s work ethic and productivity. Get them to write a to do list every night before bed of what they have coming up the next day. This will make getting organised in the morning completely seamless, as well as make them accountable for anything they need to remember.




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