Hair Trial: Root Touch-up Sprays

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Covering pesky greys and annoying regrowth has always been a bit of a beauty dilemma until now. I’ve been trailing two new root covering sprays and have been super impressed with the results. While they’re not a permanent solution they are perfect for pushing out those trips to the salon and for covering annoying greys that seem to sprout up overnight.

The most annoying area for regrowth for me is around my hairline which is notoriously hard to disguise so I was thrilled that both of these products did the trick. The Joico tint is more watery so required a little more clean-up time around my hairline and the Oribe spray is more powdery which was easier to use around my hairline. Both products covered my greys and didn’t transfer on to my pillow at night. They both lasted until I washed my hair too. 

See how easy they are to use in the short video below and scroll down for the product details.

3SHOP ABOVE: Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer, $13.50 and Oribe Airbrush Root touch-Up Spray, $49 – call 0800 25 25 30 for stockist details.