Go Offline For A Weekend And Win (In More Ways Than One)

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When is the last time you switched off your devices and went offline. I mean really offline: no internet, no social media, no Candy Crush? The last time I went offline was when I was in Samoa on a family holiday. Arriving on the island we quickly discovered that not only was the wifi almost non-existent but what little was available was excruciatingly expensive. Just checking my emails chewed through $100 worth of data. Suddenly my two sons, my husband and I found ourselves in paradise but monumentally disconnected.

Our digital detox sure wasn’t planned and those first couple of days were pretty shaky but by the end of the week we’d all . . . surprise, surprise . . . survived it.  In fact, we’d thrived. Going cold turkey had forced us to actually talk to each other, read books (something I never find time to do), play games, swim, explore and just generally have fun together. It’s a shame we needed to disconnect to reconnect but it was a lesson in how much of a distraction our devices can be and well we can do without them.

So when I was asked if I wanted to take part in the up-coming Hyundai Power Off/Family On Weekend challenge I jumped at the chance. Don’t get me wrong the idea of an entire weekend without devices definitely scares me and I know my boys will be totally unimpressed when I tell them. But here’s the thing – we’re all addicted to our devices and I know being forced encouraged to give them up for a couple of days will definitely do us all good. That’s why we’re going to be joining thousands of other Kiwis who are powering off for a whole weekend on 19 and 20 March. 

Last year, 17,623 Kiwis turned off their laptops, gaming consoles, tablets & phones for a whopping total of 647,776 hours to connect with something much more important – their family. On the weekend of 19-20 of March, Hyundai is holding the second annual Power Off/Family On Weekend and challenging families across the country to join in. We’re in – what about you? Click the button below to sign up to participate and be in the draw to win your share of $10k fuel from BP.    


If you’re not convinced how important it is to power off from time to time well the evidence is pretty damning. Research shows that 53 percent of Kiwi kids get more than two hours of screen time per day and this equates to less exercise, less sleep and is associated with poorer mental health and a higher risk of obesity.  Our family is guilty of too much screen time and I know we’re not alone. My boys are obsessed with YouTube, I’m forever checking emails and social media and hubby can Candy Crush to within an inch of his life some nights.  So that’s why we’re happy to power off for a weekend and silence the distractions.  I know it won’t be easy but I have proof in paradise that it’s the best way to really reconnect as a family.   Watch Nigel Latta explain how the Hyundai Power Off / Family On Weekend works in the short video below. 

Everyone who signs up to the Hyundai Power Off Family On Weekend goes in the draw to win one of 100 x $100 bp fuel vouchers. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and sign up now.
Above: Pick up your free Power Off badges from your local Hyundai dealership.
In case you’d like to see a snippet of what we’re hoping to recreate by powering off later this month then here’s a sneak peek at what happened on our family trip to Samoa. 



To encourage you to join me and my family in the Hyundai Power Off/Family On Weekend challenge we’re giving away three un-framed, hand lettered prints by Kiwi artist Maiko Nagao. Each A5 print is valued at $25 and each winner can choose their own print.
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Everyone who has commented and subscribed automatically goes in the draw to win. A winner will be announced here on Friday 18 March.
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Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter to win. We’re thrilled to announce our three lucky winners are:
Sara Ingram
Pru Hall
Amber Coates
Please email your contact deets to us along with which Maiko Nagao A5 unframed print you would like and we’ll arrange delivery of your prize.
Above: You don’t need to head to a tropical island to enjoy the benefits of powering-off. We may not be in Samoa during the Hyundai Power Off Family On Weekend but that won’t stop us having fun as a family.