Winter Makeup – Bold Dark Cherry Lips

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Call it plum, red wine-stained, berry or Bordeaux – this commitment lip will turn a regular Winter’s day on it’s head. Today I’ve created a really simple winter makeup tutorial to make it easy to get your glam on.

When it comes to berry lips it’s important to consider your skin tone when choosing a shade. If you have fair skin you may want to opt for a lipstick with a sheer finish instead of a matte colour. Medium skin tones can get away with richer, truer berry shades and those with dark skin can go for gold. I always like to warm up my skin tone when I’m wearing a deep berry colour to avoid looking too gothic.

Remember dark lipstick will tend to make your lips appear smaller so be careful not to overdraw them to compensate. You can dab a little lighter coloured lipstick on the centre of your mouth to make lips appear fuller.

I hope you enjoy this quick-and-easy tutorial.