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Bold lips are back. Well the truth is bold lips are never out of fashion. Anyone can wear a bold lip and despite what you may think there is no age limit.

But there are few key tricks to remember when you decide to get lippy – so to speak!



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Bold lips 101

Rule No. 1: One or the other
When you opt for a bolder lip you must play down the eyes and the blush otherwise you run the risk of looking very over done. Going light on the eyes (just wearing mascara and no eyeshadow at all or a pale wash on your lids) and blush will make your lips really pop.


Rule No. 2: Lip liner is your friend
Dark lipstick shades do tend to travel and bleed so always fill in your lips with a lip liner first. Make sure you fill the entire lip to avoid seeing a line.


Rule No. 3: Choose the right colour for your skin tone
Despite what shades are in fashion it’s important to choose the right shade for YOU because lipsticks will look different on everyone. If your have pinkish undertones to your skin you will suit plum shades. If you have yellowish tones to your skin you will suit warmer reds that have a brownish base.


Rule No. 4: Don’t let nails clash
While the trend at the moment is for lips to match your tips (nails) it’s really important to tone this down a little if you are sporting a super bold lip.


Rule No. 5: Blend blend blend
I’ve noticed that most makeup artists don’t just stick to one shade of any lipstick, they tend to blend a few together to create the perfect color. While this may be a little tricky it does mean that if you’ve ever bought a colour that isn’t right for you all is not lost. You can always make like a pro and mix a few of your shades together to find the perfect colour for you. It isn’t as tricky as it sounds – promise.


Rule No. 6: Go a little lighter if you are older
Okay we all know that our lips tend to thin as we age and bold lipstick does tend to accentuate what you’ve got – or haven’t got. Despite this I have seen some much older women successfully sporting bold, statement lips. The key is finding the perfect colour for your skin tone and this may take a little bit of time playing around with colours to get it right. But I believe you are never too old to go bold.


Never too old to go bold
I truly believe you are never too old to go bold. If you need a bit of convincing check out the amazing older women on the New York based blog Advanced Style advanced These women are truly inspirational.


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Words: Leonie Barlow