How To Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home PLUS Win An Ashley & Co Candle

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I’m always getting asked how to get top dollar in the real estate market, and what things really do count.  When it comes to selling your home quickly, and for the highest price, your aim should be to capture the heartstrings of your prospective buyers and make them immediately fall in love.  Be serious about getting your home ship-shape, because legwork here will pay off in dollars later, regardless if you’re thinking of selling now or anytime in the future.

Wanda Szychowska, DeCe Design

Start with your street front, first impressions count even if you have to spend some money to achieve this.  Make sure lawns are mowed, paths are clear, and gardens are weeded and trimmed.  A coat of paint on your front fence and some new numbers on the mailbox won’t go unnoticed, along with a freshly painted front door.  A few colourful flowering potted plants and a new doormat will add some instant welcome and you can take them with you when you move.

Peter Widdows and Tanya Wood

Create interior atmosphere.  Your home should be clean and appear spacious, bright and welcoming, but there is a fine line between the extreme of turning it into a sterile space that feels like no one lives there, remember every house needs to feel like it’s a home!  Moving house is the perfect time to have a “spring organize”, says Natalie Jane from, who can help you de-clutter your life, some advice I could certainly take right now in my own home and I’m not even moving!  Remove excess everything, sell it or store it, and organize your pantry, kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard, any storage areas, and wardrobes so they are neatly styled.  Buyers love having a snoop around, and they need to know that even in smaller spaces they could see their own things working, which may mean pre-packing the clothes you aren’t using so your wardrobe isn’t overflowing.

Samantha and Shane Walker

Clean and clean again.  Get the exterior of your home washed, water blast all decks, pathways and fences, and clean all the windows.  The entire interior should be sparkling which means every surface, bench tops, walls, cupboards inside and out, ceilings, and especially kitchens and bathrooms – even consider getting your carpets rugs and furniture steam cleaned too.  No buyer wants to face bad smells or any trace of dirt.  Remove all traces of pets and consider having them board or stay with a friend while your home is on the market.

Samantha and Shane Walker

Then lastly, add the finishing touches.  Buy home diffusers and scented candles, use fresh clean linen on every bed, hang perfectly folded clean towels in the bathroom.  If your décor needs enhancing consider borrowing a few things from friends, or invest in some accessories with impact that you can then take to your new home. At my store Collected our team specializes in helping our clients choose fresh accessories and art that will really make a difference.  Add vases of fresh flowers to every room, even if it’s just greenery collected from your garden and displayed in recycled jars.  If it’s summer open the windows for cool fresh.  In winter light the fire or turn on the heating.

It’s difficult to keep my own home in what I call photo-shoot ready condition for even just a few hours, let alone a marketing campaign of three to four weeks, so consider moving the troops out to bunk in with friends or family to give yourself a fighting chance.  Good luck!

Wanda Szychowska, DeCe Design




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Good luck!




Words: LeeAnn Yare

Photographs: Larnie Nicolson