Get Legs Like My Favourite Fitness Guru Kirsty Godso

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Above: Kirsty Godso in action on Hamilton Island.



She’s got the hottest legs in the business, she’s drop-dead-gorgeous and one of the loveliest girls you’ll ever meet. I’m talking about my favourite fitness guru Kirsty Godso.  I first met Kirsty when I was training for the the 10K Nike She Runs The Night in Sydney earlier this year. She’s not only Nike’s self-confessed number one fan but she’s also one of Nike’s number one trainers.  She’s also a Les Mills pro and travels the world presenting Les Mills Grit classes to fitness fanatics around the globe. She may look like a freak of nature but her bangin’ bod comes courtesy of hard hard work.  I got to know Auckland-based Kirsty a little better when I hung out with her recently on a dream trip to Hamilton Island as part of Nike’s new season media launch. In fact, she’s the reason I couldn’t walk for days after that trip!  I recently caught up with Kirsty to find out a little bit more about her fitness obsession (secretly hoping it would rub off on me) and to also find out how to get hot legs like hers!

How did you become a fitness instructor?
Once I left school I needed to fill the gap of not playing sports anymore so I started going to Les Mills group fitness classes religiously and the obsession grew from there. I trained in BODYPUMP™ then got picked from my training group to be one of the faces of their new team training program, LES MILLS GRIT™ series.

Do you have any tips for getting/staying motivated to exercise?
I think its really important to find a type of exercise that you like, exercise should be enjoyable! I’ve found that setting goals and tracking people’s progress really helps people to stay motivated and committed to their exercise, especially if they’re competitive!


Above: Kirsty uses her Nike training watch to help stay motivated and track her workouts.


If we are not blessed with legs like yours what’s the best exercise we can do to get shapely/toned legs?
Weight training is a great place to start! Weighted squats are a quick way to strengthen and shape your legs with the added bonus of lifting your butt at the same time. If you weight train with the right technique and number of repetitions you will also not get bulky I promise!

What’s the best fat-burning exercise you could recommend?
Interval training! This is my favorite type of training. Short bursts of intense activity paired with a timed recovery is the best formula for fat burning. It challenges and improves your cardiovascular endurance which is great for all other facets of exercise, especially running and sports, and helps build lean muscle leaving your limbs looking luscious. NTC* has an incredible selection of interval training workouts.


Above: Kirsty isn’t afraid to step up the volume when she works out.


In a perfect world how often should we be exercising each week?
Recent research shows that it’s not about the volume of exercise you do, its about the intensity. So it really depends on what type of exercise you are doing.

What’s your favourite exercise and why?
Chin ups! I’m not joking either. I love the challenge of them and my trainer (yes I have one too!) is constantly setting me new goals – our most recent achievement was a set of chin ups with a 10kg weight strapped to me.

What’s your least favourite exercise and why?
Dancing – my dancing is highly offensive.

What’s the toughest fitness challenge you’ve ever put yourself through?
When I first tried high intensity interval training I physically felt sick and wasn’t sure if I would survive the workout! Now I crave that feeling because I love pushing my physical boundaries and the results are worth it!

Hardest part of your job?
Battling my addiction to gym gear.

Which piece of gym gear do you have on high rotation right now and why?
The Nike Dri-fit knit tank is my favourite top to train in and I can always be found wearing my Nike District 72 pullover hoodie or crew jumper – they are perfect for any occasion.



Above: Kirsty’s favourite Nike District 72 Hoodie.


Do you follow a strict diet regime?
I live on a high protein, low carb eating plan… Let’s just say there’s a lot of eggs, chicken and broccoli! 🙂

What’s your favourite food?
Shakshuka! I love breakfast and spicy food so this dish is my dream.

What is your favourite shoe for working out in?
Nike Free TR3 and the new Nike Free Balanza – obsessed with both!



Above: Nike Free Balanza.


What’s your guilty pleasure?
Keeping up with The Kardashians!

What keeps you motivated to exercise and stay fit?
I’m incredibly competitive with myself so I’m constantly motivated to do better and try new things.

Do you have a favourite running shoe?
The Nike Free Flyknit is like heaven to run in, and the colours are dreamy


Above: Kirsty’s favourite running shoe the Nike Flyknit.


If someone has a busy life and doesn’t have a lot of time what’s the best way to get a workout?
You don’t need to work out for an hour, you can do a 30 minute workout that will give you great results! The NTC app is ideal for busy people. It has a huge selection of workouts that cater to all fitness levels and have been put together by top Nike trainer Marie Purvis and Nike professional athletes around the world. It is honestly like having a personal trainer in your pocket! There are so many workouts to choose from deciding which one will be the most difficult part! I’m addicted.

Best part of your job?
Helping people achieve things they didn’t think they could.



Above: It’s not often you see Kirsty standing still!