The Genius New Device That Will Change The Way You Paint Your Nails Forever

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If you’ve ever accidentally knocked over a bottle of nail polish while painting your nails then you’ll love this nifty little device. Okay the pros seem to have a good handle on it but juggling that little bottle while painting your nails on the couch can get tricky. But the struggle just got a whole lot easier thanks to this nifty little gadget that is set to revolutionise the way we paint our nails forever (and hopefully save our home furnishings along the way too).
The Tweexy is a silicone “ring” that fits over your fingers and holds your nail polish bottle upright while you paint. Genius right? It has two adjustable finger holes so that if fits everyone and it also fits every shape and size bottle imaginable. You can even wear it upside down and the bottle won’t fall out!
Now before you go getting too excited, the Tweexy will set you back US$14.95 plus international shipping. Now here’s the kicker. These guys don’t ship direct to New Zealand yet BUT if you really need one you can always get it sent via YouShop. I’ve used YouShop loads of times and it’s really easy and the best way to get around companies not shipping to NZ.
You can purchase the Tweexy at and in the meantime take a look at this little gem in action below.



Above: The Tweexy is set to revolutionise the way we paint out nails.