Check Out Gala Darling’s Cool New Jewellery

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My favourite New York-based Kiwi blogger Gala Darling has just joined forces with New Zealand Mint to launch a cool new jewellery collection. Gala’s very own style of radical self-love is inscribed in her jewellery which features earrings, pendants, stacking rings and brightly coloured leather cuffs. The super cute ‘Moxie’ collection is fun and colourful and full of positive vibes – just like Gala.

And befitting the famous blogger’s name, there is a selection of enchanting words – Darling, Lover, Imagine, Magical, Babe, Dreamer – inscribed in each piece.

Gala says: “Jewellery is everyday magic. We tell stories with our hands, our wrists, our necks, the things we choose to decorate ourselves with,” says Gala.

The Moxie collection is about how we can harness the power of language to help us construct reality.

“Search for the magic in every day. Once you’ve trained your eye, you can’t help but delight in seeing the small and extraordinary things that surround you,” says Gala.

The range is available from NZ Mint Jewellery and selected stockists.