The Fragrance Company Creating Scents Like Never Before

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Smell is one of the best ways to transport us back in time and one Aussie company is making sure no memory is left untouched with their range of never-before-seen fragrances. Demeter Fragrance Library has over 250 different fragrances from pizza to rain, to freshly ground coffee and everything (we mean EVERYTHING) in between.

Take a look at a few of our faves. 

Salt Air


What could be better than the ocean air in a bottle? If you’re hanging out for summer then a spritz of fresh salt air may be just the ticket.


New Baby


Hard to believe it but you can actually get the scent of a new baby in a bottle. That delicious new born smell without any crying – yes please.




Hey there pizza lovers – this one’s for you.

 Take a look at a few of Demeter’s other popular scents below.