My First YouTube Beauty Tutorial: Casual Glamour Makeup

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My love affair with makeup started at a very young age when my mother’s best friend (an Avon lady) would give me all of her finished testers and samples. I’d line them all up on my bed side table and gaze at all the pretty packing when I was in bed. When I started working in magazines more than 20-years-ago I found myself surrounded by every amazing beauty product imaginable. It’s safe to say I was in beauty heaven. I’ve also been on many shoots over the years and watched the pros in action so while I’m no makeup artist I’ve always loved experimenting and having fun with makeup.

I started watching YouTube makeup tutorials a few years ago and to this day I’m still in awe of the incredible talent you can find on YouTube. The only problem is there’s hardly anyone my age creating tutorials. Now there may be a very good reason for this but that’s what prompted me to create a few of my own. I think makeup is ageless – if it’s done in the right way. Of course, our skin is always changing but that often has less to do with age than anything else. My skin has changed so much over the years in terms of its texture, breakouts, pigmentation, colouring – you name it. That’s why I thought I’d try my hand at creating a few makeup tutorials of my own so I can share some of the insider tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

For my very first tutorial I decided to do one of my favourite looks. It’s what I call casual glam makeup – it’s a little bit more special than everyday makeup but not all-out glam.

I really hope you like this tutorial and I’d really love you to tell me what you think and what sort of tutorials you’d like to see.

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