When I was a teenager I was desperate to wear glasses. In fact, I once got thrown out of a changing room in Macys for taking selfies (before selfies were even a thing) wearing a cool pair of glasses. I’m sure the shop assistant thought I was trying to copy the clothes but really I was just having fun with some fab frames. Then I got a little older, make that a lot older, and actually needed glasses to see. Suddenly they weren’t so cool anymore. That was until I realised that glasses can change up your look as quickly as wearing a bold lipstick. They’re now one of my favourite fashion accessories and it’s safe to say I really #LoveGlasses. Whether you wear glasses every day or just throw on a pair every now and then, the frames you choose will dictate the way the world sees you AND more importantly, how you see yourself.

Today I’m partnering with Specsavers New Zealand to share a few top tips for picking the perfect frames for YOUR face. Whether you have a round face, square face, long face or oval face – these tips will help you find the perfect frames for you. Check out my short video below and scroll down to find out how you can enter to win a year’s supply of glasses from Specsavers and a $1,000 designer wardrobe.



  1. Frame shape is everything – the easiest way to remember which shapes work is to remember that opposites attract. So round faces are complemented by square shaped frames and square faces are complemented by rounder frames. To make a shorter face appear longer chose a shorter frame and long faces have more length so you can choose frames that are taller in height.
  2. Size matters – A good rule of thumb in choosing glasses is they should sit just below your eyebrows and above your cheekbones unless you’re going for a really unique shape like I often do.
  3. Width is where it’s at – frames that are too wide for your face can make your eyes seem too close together and frames that are too narrow can make your face seem wider and larger than it is.
  4. Persistence pays off – finding the perfect pair of frames is a bit like shopping for swimwear – you really need to try on as many pairs as possible to find your perfect match. So patience and persistence will always pay off.
  5. Trust your instinct – the more frames you try on the easier it will be to see what works and what doesn’t work on your face. 
  6. Glasses are a style statement – gone are the days of glasses being for practical purposes only. Choose frames to suit your wardrobe, your fashion sense and remember they make a perfect style statement.
  7. Consider your lifestyle – when choosing frames it’s important to consider your lifestyle. If you’re a gym bunny who lives in active wear then a pair of oversized, statement frames may not be the most sensible choice. Be sure to think about where and when you intend to wear your frames when it comes to picking the perfect pair. Remember, it might be that you have a few pairs for different occasions. I own numerous pairs to ensure I always have the right frame!
  8. Consider mens frames or sunglasses – the world truly is your oyster when it comes to choosing the perfect pair so don’t rule out men’s frames and sunglasses – both can work surprisingly well. 
  9. Do your research – before shopping for specs it always pays to do a little research first. I find Pinterest and Instagram the best for finding out what’s hot and what’s not.

Above: Leonie wearing her favourite new Balmain frames from Specsavers.



Specsavers is giving you the chance to win a year’s supply of glasses PLUS a $1000 designer wardrobe – pretty cool right? 

To enter: 

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