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Louise Pilkington is one of Auckland’s best-kept secrets. After owning Ponsonby’s successful Servilles hair salon for 15 years and launching designer jewellery range Loumina with her brother, Philip Pilkington, Louise has embarked on an exciting new venture: Dry & Tea Blow Wave and Tea House in Auckland’s Newmarket.

Where did you get the idea for Dry & Tea?
The Dry & Tea concept was inspired by the blow wave bars that are hugely popular in Europe and the United States. We felt no one in New Zealand was offering this exclusively so we wanted to capture this international trend and replicate it here.  As a session stylist working at New York, Milan & Paris fashion weeks over the years, the concept of a blow wave house was something very close to my heart. Because of my love for the latest looks I am continuing to cut and color alongside my top stylist Marcus McLafferty.

Why is Dry & Tea different to a regular hair salon?
Dry & Tea is a beauty haven for women to be pampered and relax from the stresses of the day.  The aim was to create a salon where women felt comfortable and can enjoy the full experience. Dry & Tea differs because it doesn’t have mirrors in front of the bays, ensuring our clients don’t have to sit in front of the mirror critiquing themselves during their appointment.  At the end of (or during their service) they can look in the mirror as we have cute parlour mirrors on the bars.  While Dry & Tea offers cuts and colours with Creative Director Louise Pilkington and senior stylist Marcus Mclafferty the core business of the salon is blow waves and styling. Having the tea house as part of the space provides clients with beautiful café style coffee and boutique tea – a unique offering for Auckland.

Why tea and not coffee?
Tea was an element that my business partner Nicole Kelly brought to the business.  She is a tea connoisseur and wanted to introduce a place people could come and relax while enjoying a relaxing cup of tea. With so few tea houses in Auckland, it seemed a good opportunity to reignite tea as the drink of choice.

Can you still get a good coffee at Dry & Tea?
Of course!  While tea is the focus we understand Auckland is a city of coffee drinkers so we cater to this with Allpress coffee on offer.

Most popular flavour of tea at Dry & Tea?
French Earl Grey.

What is the most requested up-do at the moment?
Audrey Hepburn inspired looks are big right now – we are doing a lot of hair ups with height & grace to reflect this. Up dos aren’t messy right now, they are tidy but casual with a twist of glamour.  Polished pony’s are also popular.

What’s the hottest hair look for summer?
I think braids are going to play a big part this summer. Either worn to enhance a style that’s worn down or in a bun, side pony or braided wraps. Big bouncy back combed blow waves are hot too. I always love hair to be organic glamour in summer (more casual then winter). In terms of cuts the LOB (long bob) is really popular at the moment and this trend will continue through to summer. 

Your can’t live without hair product?
Pureology’s Precious Oils range. I get so much shine in my hair from this range.

Your can’t live without beauty products?
Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30.  It protects my skin from the sun & makes it feel silky. I also LOVE lip gloss and my favourite gloss at the moment is Butter London’s Snog Lippy Gloss, it’s really bright and it stains my lips perfectly.

Your favourite fashion labels?
Internationally I love Miu miu, but on a more local level I am huge fan of Kate Sylvester.  She is really clever and I love the vintage twist on her designs – vintage is my favorite choice for shopping.

What’s on your shopping list right now?
Briarwood wedges they are doing some really cool designs for summer.  Well worth a look and well made.

Best way to update your look on a budget?
Your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory and says a lot about a person’s style, so it’s important to look after it.  Dry & Tea offers blow waves at affordable prices so you can update your look without dipping into your life savings!  Getting a fringe is a quick way to change/update your look.

What will you be wearing this summer?
Hopefully not much! I’m hoping for a HOT summer. I’m loving Paige denim & Joes jeans all the prints and colors are a flash back to the 80’s but in a good way.

Are you still involved in Loumina?
I am still creating Loumina however my passion for hairdressing was too hard to ignore to commit to jewellery design fulltime.  As each Loumina piece is bespoke and unique, I’d prefer to keep it as a boutique brand in order to retain its special nature.

Favourite online shopping sites?
My habit and Fancy

Dry and Tea is on the corner of Kent and York Sts, Newmarket
Phone: (09) 522 1679 or (09) 522 1619