Exclusive Interview: Emma Watson

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Above: Emma Watson is the face of Lancôme’s new Gloss In Love lipgloss collection.



Emma Watson has come a long way from her days as a young Hermoine in Harry Potter. On the eve of the release of her latest film The Bling Ring,  the 23-year-old actress and Lancôme ambassadress shares with us some of her best beauty tips and secrets.

What is the best thing about being an ambassadress?
It has really reconnected me with a part of my past, which is quite special. I was born in Paris and Lancôme represents a lot of the sensibilities that I grew up with and the type of style I try to emulate. I really enjoy being connected to Paris and to France and to those memories.  And I have always really loved makeup; I grew up around makeup artists, they were my surrogate mothers, and so I always learnt a lot. I like doing my own makeup and I still often do my own makeup for events, it’s something that I really enjoy. I do my friends makeup a lot too. It’s something I have a genuine interest in, so it’s doesn’t feel forced to have to talk about it, which I think is nice.  I hope that there will be more room for me to be creative and to collaborate with Lancôme more in the future, as having my own creative input into things has been rewarding for me. The team has been interested in my opinion, so I don’t just model the products but I get to impact the shape of what I’m doing, so it feels like it has a little bit of my essence.

Is there a question you never get asked, that you wish people would ask?
There was a time when people only ever wanted to ask about my haircut, that was a big deal for a while! But increasingly now I’m getting asked more about the work I’m doing which is really nice because people are genuinely interested, they don’t ask because they have to but because they’re interested in the projects I have coming up. So I guess the question I like being asked would be, ‘As an actress, do you want to talk about your work?’ Some people are interested in it and some people want to know about other things, which is fine and which I understand as well. I’m a very private person and don’t really talk about other aspects of my life as much so it’s just about finding that line.

You also represent Blanc Expert and UV Expert in Asia, which are really iconic products for flawless skin. Is it important for you to have a fresh skin look, with perfect skin?
Yes, I spend a lot more time on my skincare regime than I do on anything else, because if you take care of your skin then you can wear less makeup, which I think is nice. So I’m obsessive about taking off my makeup before I go to bed, I’m obsessive about sunscreens, and just being really, really careful and gentle with my skin. It really made sense for me to advertise the UV Expert too, because I have very fair skin and I burn easily.

You just mentioned your beauty routine. Do you have a special morning or evening beauty routine? Any special products you always use or that you would never leave the house without?
I’ll always have a minimum SPF of 15 or 20 on my face if I leave the house.  I cleanse, I tone and then moisturise. I really like using hot flannels or a soft piece of linen to clean my face. I don’t like using anything too harsh, everything has to be really, really gentle because I have sensitive skin. I try and drink lots of water and I try and eat right because I think that also obviously has a really big effect.

So it seems like you are going about things in your own way, which not many people can claim. Are you proud of that?
Yeah, I think I am! I’m quite stubborn and strong-minded! I always have to do things my own way, which at times means that you come up against resistance, but I find that the more I put into what I do, the more I get back and the more rewarding it is. Otherwise you’re just so disconnected from everything, and I like caring about what I’m doing, it’s so much more rewarding.  That’s the person I aspire to be: someone who will fearlessly do things their own way. Especially in this industry, where there’s such a status quo and such a precedent for how things are set and how things should be. You have to be careful that you don’t just become another model of someone else. I notice that gradually through people’s careers everyone starts to look more and more like each other, especially with cosmetic surgery and all sorts of things like that. It’s such a shame. That’s actually one of the reasons that I admire French actresses so much, because on the red carpet they always look:

a) like human beings, they haven’t been blow-dried and made up to the point that they look like a robot and

b) they do tend to keep something individual.

You are also the face of Trésor Midnight Rose. So what about that? Do you wear it for special occasions?
There are a few different things that I wear, but if I’m in a specific mood then Trésor Midnight Rose is great. People always notice when I wear it because it’s quite an unusual fragrance with a very distinctive scent. You can’t mistake it for anything else, which I really like. It has a strong character. It smells kind of sweet, which I really like. It smells almost edible which I think is really cool! It just feels like a fun fragrance.

Watch Emma in this cool behind-the-scenes of the Trésor Midnight Rose campaign.