Dude Beauty Bloggers Worth Following

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Who says beauty is just for girls? Not us. Men’s grooming products have become a multi-billion dollar industry with designers like Tom Ford and Calvin Klein launching makeup lines for men so it’s not surprising that boy bloggers and vloggers are on the rise too.

More and more guys are joining in on the fun and creating their own beauty blogs covering off everything from manscaping to general grooming tips and everything in between. 

“I’ve pretty much always had a passion for dressing nice and looking good,” vlogger Jordan O’Brien told yahoo beauty. “If you care about your appearance it shows a sense of maturity and self-awareness that radiates. Every guy should take pride in the way they look and not have to feel the stigma that caring about your appearance is only a girl thing.” 

With options like anti-shine powders, lightweight concealers and tinted moisturizers, it’s no surprises that the boys have upped their game.

Here’s a few of the biggest dudes in the male beauty blogosphere that we think are definitely worth a follow.

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Above: Jordan O’Brien

Jordan O’Brien, The Gentlemans Cove

In between studying, San Francisco-based O’Brien finds time to upload plenty of YouTube videos reviewing hair products and showcasing easy-to-follow hair tutorials. His man bun top knot tutorial has had almost 800,000 views.



Above: Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz, Urban Beardsman

This bushy blogger started writing about beards back in 2012 on his blog Urban Beardsman. The site is a go-to for detailed advice on mustache etiquette, growing facial hair, and how to treat beard dandruff (who knew?). He also tackles thorny issues such as what to do when your wife wants you to shave off your beard. He also sells his own line of beard products here
Above: Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino, IamAlphaM

Marino calls himself a regular a regular guy “who just happens to know more about manscaping and moisturizer than football.” He started posting YouTube videos about men’s style and grooming back in 2008. His blog, IamAlphaM, features everything from zit zapping gels to nose trimming. He also delves into fitness, style and diet.
Above: Adam Walker.

Adam Walker, The Male Stylist

Brit-based Walker uses his blog to teach men about male grooming, and also reviews beauty products and offers up style tips. His advice is on trend too – he recently posted about ditching shampoo for a conditioner-only regime. His fashion advice includes dressing for a crisp London morning and cracking smart casual.

Do you know any male beauty bloggers/vloggers worth following? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.