Dry Shampoo For Makeup Brushes Is Actually A Thing

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The dreaded task of cleaning our makeup brushes is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the beauty mecca that is Sephora. The French beauty giant has created a dry shampoo for makeup brushes. Yippee! 

We’re super excited about this because it will not only cut down on cleaning time but we also won’t need as many brushes in our repertoire either. Instead, we’ll be able to use the same brush to apply different products with a quick dry-shampoo-clean in between. Winning! 

The Sephora Collection Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner Spray launches in the US next month and should be available down under soon after. International beauty editors have been putting this new brush cleaner through its paces and so far the reviews are all glowing.


sephora dry clean brush shampoo


According to Allure, the product works exceptionally well on removing powder residue, but requires a little more work when it comes to removing liquid products like foundation. 

So how does it work?

“There’s no water in the formula, which explains why it can leave bristles dry, since the silicones that clean will mostly evaporate,” cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller told Allure.

“It cleans by using the principle of ‘like dissolves like.’ In other words, most makeup is oil-soluble, so the silicones and oils in the formula will remove residue from the brush.” 

While this product will never give the same sort of deep clean that a proper wash will give it’s a great in-between cleaning option.

In the meantime, see how I clean my brushes and keep them in tip-top condition for years in the short video below.



Would you try a dry shampoo for your brushes?