Drab to fab

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Rebecca Tune is one of the very first people who made contact with me when I started this blog and has been a big supporter ever since.

Rebecca is an Auckland based artist and mum who is “addicted” to fashion. She also lives and breathes DIY – she up-cycles furniture, loves decorating kids bedrooms and has a passion for interior design. She is also a regular contributor to The Garden News magazine.

I was thrilled when Rebecca sent me this cute little craft project to share with you here.


Rebecca Tune (above)



Rebecca says: “I’ve been cleaning out my wardrobe getting clothes ready to load onto trademe. I hate doing this. It is so time consuming and at the end of the process I am always left feeling a little deflated. I didn’t get what the auction deserved…and it was a whole lot of work.

I stumbled across this little purse while I was on my most recent trademe mission. I can’t remember when I purchased it but I have a sneaking suspicion it was a hasty buy to take to a wedding or ‘do’. Possibly only used just the once and then shoved to the back of the drawer as lets face it – it was naff.

In my studio I have a shelf full of fabric scraps I can’t quite bring myself to throw away including a tonne of old swatches from Allium. I chose some suede swatches in bold jewel-like colours and cut them into small squares approximately 2cm x 2cm.

After arranging them onto my clutch I glued them into place and then sewed them with my machine. I originally thought about using a black thread but decided I wanted a more ‘crafted’ look.

This is the end result. I like it and have used it many times since it’s makeover. It looks great with an all black number. But is also fun to colour match with clothing or accessories as I have done with my purple architectural ring. At the end of the day I am glad I didn’t add this to the trade-me pile and I now have a new clutch.

As my Grandmother used to say – waste not want not.” – Rebecca Tune