DIY Hair Colour: How To Touch Up Regrowth At Home (without stuffing it up)

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One of my best kept secrets is that I colour my own hair and I’ve been doing it for years. I’m not a hairdresser (far from it) but I’m a really impatient person and when I want my hair coloured I want it done yesterday. Anyone relate?

I love going to the salon but I usually only go once or twice a year and the rest of the time I keep my regrowth at bay at home. I only use half the product at a time too which means I get two applications from the one box. It works out to be around $9 per colour which is pretty hard to beat.

Today’s home hair colours are very different to those in the past too. The formulations are easier to use, more technically advanced and loaded with conditioners to protect your hair and boost shine. So it’s much easier than ever before to get salon quality hair colour from a box in your own home.

That’s why I wanted to share how I colour my hair so you can see how quick and easy it is. In the short video below I’m using one of my favourite home hair colours: Schwarzkopf’s Brilliance Intense Permanent Colour Number 89 in Bitter Sweet Chocolate.


Things to do before you dye

  • Always do a sensitivity test 48 hours prior to colouring, even if you have coloured before. This is essential to make sure you’re not allergic to the ingredients in the dye. If you see any sign of a reaction, it’s best not to colour.
  • Do a single strand test, even if you’ve coloured your hair at home before, to guarantee what your finished colour will look like.
  • Remember your colour will look different to how it appears on the box depending on the colour your hair was to start off with.
  • If you colour on top of another colour it will be a little darker than it appears on the box too.
  • Start out clean – home hair colour gives a better result on clean hair.

Prepping and precautions

  • When colouring at home, cover your vanity area in an old towel to protect it.
  • Follow the product’s directions as to whether the colour should go on wet or dry hair.
  • If you have coloured your hair before, follow the directions for a “regrowth application”.
  • When touching up the regrowth of lightened hair, apply colour to the regrowth first and wait until it has lightened to match the ends, then massage the colour through the rest of the hair just for a few minutes.
  • Don’t wash or wet your hair for at least 48 hours after colouring.

Do you have any DIY hair colouring tips to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.