Create This Cool Wall Art & A Photo Keepsake For Under $20

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I’m a huge fan of Instagram and while I love adding cool new pics to my feed, lately I’ve been a little (no make that a lot) obsessed with printing my favourites. It’s too sad leaving cool Instagram pics on your phone and not letting them see the light of day. So I recently printed off a stack at Warehouse Stationery and created this cool wall art and a box of my faves to treasure – all for under $20. Yes it’s surprisingly cheap and easy to print Instagram pics. All you need is your Instagram login and you can access your feed straight from the kiosk in store at your local Warehouse Stationery. It’s that easy!

So to get you inspired to print our your faves and splash them around your home here’s two little projects that cost me less than $20 total – winning! 



For my first project I decided to add a little colour to the entrance way of our house. I adore flowers but find them quite hard to get hold of (not to mention expensive) at this time of year so I decided to create my own floral-themed wall art. I was going to arrange my pictures in a circle but settled on a heart shape instead. The beauty of this DIY is that because you only need a tiny amount of BlueTac to stick them to the wall they are really easy to rearrange into another shape if you fancy a change. It’s also a really cost effective way to add some colour to a large plain white wall. My theme was floral but you could go for anything – maybe a colour theme, beach pics, your favourite fashion looks, inspirational quotes – the sky’s the limit. 


Above: I love how my cute Instagram heart gives a fresh new look to our entrance way. 




While I was at it I decided to print doubles of some of my favourite pics to store in a small box for safe keeping. All of the pictures remind me of a particular time or an event and when I flick through them they bring a smile to my face. I think it could be a really cool idea to create a keepsake box of photos for a friend. Maybe you Instagrammed up a storm at your best friend’s birthday or her wedding and for a few bucks you can print them out and give her her own box of Instagram moments to enjoy. 


Above: Instagram pics look super cute printed as polaroids.



Above: How cool would it be to receive a box full of polaroid memories?



Above: For more ways to create simple and affordable art with your Instagram pics click HERE



Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for sponsoring this post.