Cotton On BODY Celebrates 10 Years With A Quirky Fitness World Tour

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YouTube sensation The Fitness Marshall is in Auckland tomorrow to celebrate Cotton On BODY turning 10 AND you’re invited to party. 

The Fitness Marshall is the hottest new health and wellness craze sweeping the globe and is stopping in Aotearoa as part of a world tour. Hailing from Indiana, USA, the Fitness Marshall (aka Caleb Marshall) has gained global attention and his hip-hop workouts, choreographed to the hottest songs, have received 120 million YouTube views.

Starting the Fitness Marshall in 2014, the 24 year old dance trainer is changing the face of fitness, with his methods more fun and uplifting than the average workout.

“I’m most passionate about spreading positivity and helping people come out of their shells. I see women who are self conscious or uncomfortable, but by the end of the class they’ve let everything go and have the time of their lives,” he said.

From May 18 – 31, the BODY x Fitness Marshall collaboration will travel the world, delivering outrageously energetic (and sweaty), free public shows in South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.


Where: Sylvia Park

When: Thursday 18 May

Time: 12pm (Doors open 30 minutes prior to the event starting)

Address: 286 Mount Wellington Hwy, Mount Wellington, Auckland

Event Location: Car park 4 – opposite the train station and The Rock Shop

Cotton On BODY and the Fitness Marshall share a common goal of empowering women to love themselves, just the way they are, with Marshall claiming that dance has a way of unlocking inner confidence and helping people find their most powerful self.

“Moving your body to music is such a freeing experience, there’s really nothing like it. It’s so emotional, it’s physical, and it’s using your brain and BODY at the same time. It make you feel like a superhero!,” he said.

You can register to attend the cardio dance party in your city at now.

Cotton On BODY marketing manager, Renee Smith, assures that the hour-long workouts will be a whole lot of fun, while suitable for everyone, no matter their fitness levels or previous dance experience.

“A dance party is the perfect, inimitably BODY way, to mark this special milestone. We’ve been a big part of girls’ lives and this is our way of saying thanks.

In another Fitness Marshall first, BODY will offer one lucky, would-be dancer, the chance to star in an official Fitness Marshall video simply by visiting Body’s Facebook page and uploading an audition clip from Monday April 26.

Take a look at The Fitness Marshall in action in one of his videos below.


5 Minutes With The Fitness Marshall

Above: The Fitness Marshall (aka Caleb Marshall)


How did you start out making You Tube videos? This goes back to me being 8 years old and obsessed with Britney Spears. Since I was a child, I thought my calling was to somehow be Britney Spears. Then I got to College and started teaching these dance fitness workouts and I realized my calling was to be a Richard Simmons version of Brittney Spears. I just started having the time of my life teaching classes while I was in school studying to be a music video editor. By my senior year, I realized I didn’t want to edit people’s videos anymore; I really just wanted to pursue this dance fitness dream. So I started producing my own content during my senior year and by the time I graduated, I had reached 100,000 subscribers – so it was at that moment I knew that this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.

What are you passionate about? I’m most passionate about spreading positivity and helping people come out of their shells. When this whole thing started, it was just about me being able to perform because at heart I’m am entertainer. But after being on this journey, and meeting so many people, I see these women who are in their shells and uncomfortable but by the end of the class, they’ve let everything go and have the time of their lives. That’s what I’m passionate about. Helping people reach the point where they can embrace themselves in the moment.

What does wellbeing mean to you? It’s an overall sense of being at peace and being your most authentic self.

For those people who haven’t yet found their passion, what advice do you have for them? That’s difficult. I think to some degree, we all kind of know our passion. Even if we don’t know how to utilize it or to do what we love, I think we all know what it is. The biggest problem is we think what we love is just a hobby. You need to have the courage to do what you love when it’s not conventional, and it’s scary. Run towards what you actually like doing, not what will make you the most money.

Do you have any stand out case studies/clients or fans that have documented significant wellbeing transformations through dance? Can you tell us about them? I’ve had a lot of people who have lost weight doing the videos but the coolest thing to me is the emails I get. A woman said she had a miscarriage and doing my dances was the first time she was able to smile after having a miscarriage. Another woman emailed me who was a victim of sexual assault, and with my videos, she was able to tap into her sexuality again and not feel ashamed of her body anymore. So that was pretty incredible. It’s stories like that that touch me the most.