Eyebrow tattooing isn’t new but it seems lately everyone who is anyone is lining up to get inked. So instead of suffering serious #fomo I decided to jump onboard this hot beauty trend to see what all the fuss is about. Not surprisingly, my friends thought I was mad. After all, I’ve always had pretty thick brows naturally so most people I mentioned this too couldn’t understand why I even needed to bother.

It turns out my brows were completely out of proportion and were growing thick and strong in some areas but not in others (where I needed them). I also had areas in my brows that were patchy and the idea of not having to use brow products every morning to even them out really appealed. So take a look at the short video below of my brow tattooing (microblading) experience and scroll down for all the deets.



What: Feather Touch Brows – which is also known as microblading or eyebrow tattooing.

Where: Lash Noir Ink in downtown Auckland.

Who: Rebecca Hutchinson

How: After a thorough consultation, numbing cream is applied and left for one hour to take effect. Then your face and brows are measured to create the most flattering shape for you. The actual microblading only takes around 15 mins. Friends who have had this procedure done have said they felt a small amount of pain during the procedure but I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing. Nada – nothing! I was sent home with a care pack that included Bepanthen to apply regularly to my brows for the first five days. During this time my brows seemed to get a little darker and now one week later they have settled to what seems to be the perfect shade for me. I’m heading back to Lash Noir Ink to get a few tiny touchups in a month’s time. 

Cost: $690 

The verdict: I really love my new brow shape and I’m loving not having to fill my brows in each morning. The whole procedure was simple and pain free (yes truly) and I would definitely recommend Feather Touch brows to anyone. 

If you need to know more about Feather Touch brows then check out these frequently asked questions over at Lash Noir Ink.