Why Clown Contouring Is No Joke

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Let’s face it clown contouring looks pretty silly but this new makeup technique is taking the Internet by storm for very good reason — it actually works. The trend started when YouTube and Instagram makeup artist Bella DeLune decided to stand up to her “haters” who have called her a clown (among other hurtful names) over the years. As an act of defiance and to prove a point Bella posted a before shot of herself with clown-like makeup on Instagram and an after shot of it blended into a beautifully contoured face. The post was a huge hit and many of her followers wanted to see a step-by-step YouTube tutorial. That may be how the trend started by clown contouring is everywhere.

In a nutshell clown contouring is a new way to “extreme colour-correct, highlight, and contour”. In her video tutorial below Bella (real name is Esther Isabel Amado Romo) shows how dramatic clown-style makeup can be blended to create a simply stunning, flawless face.

Above: Makeup artist Makeup By Alo shows how she achieves the same look with contours that resemble a skull.


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Above: Marie Appelt shows off her take on clown contouring.

Check out Bella DeLune’s clown contouring video below.