Chances Are You’re Shaving Your Body Wrong – Here’s Why

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You may think you’re shaving your legs by the book, but if you’re regularly nicking yourself, missing patches or struggling with ingrown hairs your technique could use a little work. And with summer just around the corner (believe it or not) now is the perfect time to hone your skills. So today I’ve teamed up with Schick to celebrate their fresh, new look products and to share my tried-and-tested shaving tips. So check out these simple hacks that are guaranteed to work (I’ve been using them for years) and scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter to win a super cool Schick Hydro Silk prize valued at $150 to kick start your summer.


Exfoliate the day before you shave.
Exfoliating your legs the day before you shave is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells which helps to give you a really smooth, close shave. It also gives your skin time to recover before you shave.

Shave at the end of your shower.
By the time you’ve been standing under warm water for a while, the hairs on your body will be softer and the pores on your skin will be open, which means you’ll enjoy a closer shave.

Always use a clean razor.
This one almost goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway . . . a blunt razor simply won’t cut it. If you leave it too long between changing your blades you’ll end up with a patchy shave and because razors are hothouses for bacteria you could also end up with a nasty infection.

Be gentle.
You need very little pressure on your skin when your razor is new so be sure not to press down hard and don’t drag it across your body. Slow and steady (and a sharp razor) wins the race – every time.

Use conditioner or shaving foam.
Creating a sudsy barrier between your skin and your razor will always help to prevent irritation and it has the added advantage of allowing you to see where you’ve already shaved so you don’t miss bits. Hair conditioner is my go-to for shaving my legs. I simply squeeze some out onto my sponge and rub it over the parts of my body I’m about to shave. It gives you the smoothest shave of your life – promise!

Shaving your lady bits.
The key to down-there shaving is all in the prep. You always want to trim your pubic hair down before you start shaving (unless you’re shaving regularly of course). And always be sure to shave in the direction your hair grows. You’ll never get as close a shave if you go against the grain and this applies to any hair on your body. Also use one hand to pull your skin taut – this makes life a whole lot easier and most importantly remember to take it slow.  The new double-ended Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor has a hydrating razor on one end and a waterproof, battery-operated bikini trimmer on the other – it’s perfect for keeping your “landing strip” just the right length!

Moisturise afterwards.
Shick’s new-and-improved Hydro Silk razors contain water activated serums which are clinically proven to provide long lasting moisture for up to two hours during and after shaving. If you’re not using one (not sure why you wouldn’t!) then you’ll need to moisturise your legs after shaving.  Avoid overly perfumed moisturisers though as your pores are open and you want to nourish your skin and not irritate it.

Clean and air-dry your razor.
Be sure to rinse your razor well once you’ve finished shaving and leave it to air-dry – a dirty blade clogged with hairs will guarantee a poor shave next time.

Above: Schick’s Hydro Silk disposable razor contains Shea Butter to help nourish your skin while giving you a close shave. 


Above: Schick’s Hydro Silk razors come with a shower hanger so you have a dedicated place for your razor to dry out between uses.


Above: Exfoliating your skin the day before you shave is one of the best things you can do to avoid ingrown hairs and shaving rash.



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Above: Shick’s new and improved razors. The Hydro Silk TrimStyle has a razor on one end and a battery operated (waterproof) bikini trimmer on the other end.


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