Celebrity Hair Artist Guy Tang Shares His No. 1 Hair Must-Have + WIN!

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The level of excitement around superstar hair colour artist Guy Tang reached fever pitch last month when the #hairbestie stopped in Auckland for the New Zealand leg of his Olaplex World Tour. Along with Olaplex BFF Rebecca Taylor, Tang passionately showcased his Olaplex story and shared how it has revolutionised his hair colour artistry.

The next day I met up with Tang and got the skinny on the best thing to happen to hair colour ever!

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Olaplex was created in 2012 by world-leading PhDs in Materials and Chemistry, scientists Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker, commissioned by beauty industry veteran Dean Christal. In a nutshell, the pair invented a single ingredient called bisaminopropyl diglycol dimaleate that links broken bonds in hair during and after chemical treatments to make them even stronger than they were prior to treatment. Basically, it means you can change your hair colour and not only remove the risk of ruining it, but you’ll dramatically improve previously damaged hair (pictured above right).

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Olaplex then found fame in social media and with use by Hollywood celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham, so Christal and his team needed to work day and night to make enough Olaplex to cater for her A-List clients including Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured below).

gwyn and jen

Today Olaplex has reached cult status, and with Guy Tang spreading the word, this is just the beginning.

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Here Guy Tang tells us his experience with Olaplex and why you should ask for it during your next hair treatment:

Should you try colour?

Tang says if you’re looking to experiment with colour and haven’t gone there yet, go light.

“I say go pastel. Just do it. If you’ve been thinking about it, just do it!”

“We’re seeing different ranges and different placements in pastel hair now so anything goes. Everybody is different now, no one is really going “We alllll must do the same thing!” and I think that’s really cool. So now is the perfect time to give it a go.”


Tang adds that there are so many ways you can go pastel and it doesn’t need to be just one blanket coverage, that it can be a mix of pastels such as pink, blue, purple and grey all in the one look.

“Hair colourists like many different placements of colour now. It’s just like when you look at nature or industrial walls and concrete and you see broken holes on walls, and an artist sees it as character,” says Tang. “We’re seeing that diversity in hair colour now. I think it’s really exciting.”

“We’re starting to see a lot of grey pieces in hair and in the past a lot of people didn’t like that. They were like if it’s going to be blue, be blue, if it’s going to be green, be green. But now you’re seeing all sorts of colour and I think it’s cool.”

Tang says that not all hair prep for colour is the same and you’ll need to talk with your stylist about what’s right for you. For Tang’s hair show, for the light-haired models he erased the colour completely and put new colour in. With others he put in a semi-permanent. “It’s all different now”, he says. “There’s no one thing for everyone.”

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What about hair styling?

Tang says he’s loving the freedom of styling now with hair inspired from any decade and any style.

“Now we’re seeing so many things, like Hope, one of my models, I gave her big finger waves (pictured above, centre), and then you’re also seeing curly hair with straight on the ends. I leave the ends straight but curl in the middle to give hair texture. You’re seeing everything from beach hair done waves to the flat iron hair that Rebecca (Taylor) is doing.”

Farrah Fawcett flip out“Ten years ago everyone flat ironed their hair then all of a sudden everyone was curling their hair five years ago, then all of a sudden everyone had little bird feathers coming out of their heads. So we have all these things but I think that right now everyone is doing what they want.

“Some people want to look a little ’80s, some people want to look a little ’70s. In my last show in Australia I did a Farrah Fawcett flip-out (pictured right). It’s just based off whoever we want to be at the time we’re styling our hair. In our dreams we fantasise about being different characters you know? So everyone’s doing their own thing, and I think that’s really cool and who cares?

“We don’t follow trends, we embrace everything we see out there and take it in and put it on social media then influence someone else. We’re not following trends but just being and then people if they want to do it they just do it!”

Watch our Snapstory of the event here!

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