I’ve just finished a fab bedroom makeover and wanted to show you how I created a room that not only works for my teenage son but also doubles as a fab guest room. I teamed up with Koala for this makeover and to celebrate their recent arrival into New Zealand they’re offering you a whopping $150 off any Koala mattress. All you have to do is enter my discount code MATESWITHLEONIE at checkout and boom! Pretty cool right?

Now if you haven’t heard about Koala they are 100 per cent Australian made (don’t hold that against them though) and they will actually adopt a real live Kiwi every time someone buys one of their mattresses here in New Zealand. So not only will you get a great night’s sleep but you’ll also be saving a Kiwi too. To date Koala has adopted 37K real koalas across the ditch so it would be great if we could match that number of Kiwis one day.

Anyway, these mattresses are not like anything you’ve seen before. They arrive in a relatively small cardboard box and once you remove the wrapping around the mattress they sort of puff up and almost like magic become a full sized mattress right before your eyes. Take a look at my video below and you’ll see what I mean – they’re crazy cool.



  • Each Koala mattress comes compressed in a surprisingly small box and “magically” unrolls once opened – it’s very cool to watch.
  • Koala mattresses don’t use any springs because they’re made of a soft-to-touch, high tech foam.
  • If your partner tosses and turns at night you don’t need to worry because you won’t feel a thing. How do I know? I tested it with my 100kg hubby and I slept like a baby. Bliss!
  • If you need a mattress in a hurry then Koala offers a super handy one hour delivery service – pretty cool right?
  • Koala adopts a real live Kiwi with every purchase in New Zealand through the WWF. That’s our national bird not your neighbour – in case you were wondering.
  • Every mattress comes with a cute, cuddly toy koala and real adoption certificate from the WWF.
  • Koala has donated over $500K to charities, planted over 5K trees, and adopted over 37K koalas.



Not only did I want to create a room that my son would love but I also wanted to do it on a pretty tight budget. So all up the room makeover cost me a total of $226 (not including the cost of the mattress because the team at Koala were kind enough to gift me one of their amazing mattresses). Here’s how I created a fab new space without breaking the bank.

Above: The room before was really boring and lacked any character.

Above: Luckily there was enough space in the room to fit a queen size bed.

Above: This is how the mattress arrives.

Above: Our very own in-house mattress tester putting the new Koala mattress through its paces.

Above: I used regular house paint to give the pallets a white-washed finish. 

Above: The Koala mattress in place and ready for the new bed linen.

Above: The linen is from The Warehouse and I particularly loved this reversible duvet set because it basically gave me two colour options for the price of one. I grabbed this cute wooden box from The Warehouse for $6 so my son has somewhere to stash his knick-knacks out of the way. The little shelf was only $3 from The Warehouse.

Above: I grabbed these Snake plants from our lounge room because I love growing real plants in a bedroom.

Above: Clearing the once-messy-desk immediately improved the look of the room and my chunky throw added some texture to the room. The round grey and black cushion was $12 from The Warehouse and the beanbag was from Kmart.

Above: Overall, I’m thrilled with how the room turned out and by including a few new pieces to items I already owned really helped to keep this room makeover on budget. 



If my room makeover has inspired you to show a little love to your own bedroom then I’ve made it a little easier by hooking you all up with a $150 discount voucher to use on any Koala purchase. You can thank me later! Simply enter my unique discount code MATESWITHLEONIE at nz.koala.com to receive a whopping $150 off your order.

Plus you’ll get free warm fuzzies because you know you’ll also be saving a Kiwi! 

Above: Every Koala mattress comes with one of these little cuties. 


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