Boh Runga’s Fab New Jewellery Collection

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With Matariki celebrations on the horizon, Kiwis are looking towards the heavens in preparation for their annual celebration of the Māori New Year.  And that’s exactly where celebrated Auckland musician and designer Boh Runga has been looking for inspiration for her 10th and latest jewellery collection.

A five-pointed star features throughout the new Stargazers collection in sterling silver and nine-carat gold – a metal combination that is a first for the designer. “I really love combining precious metals in interesting and unexpected ways,” Boh says.

“Having worked with sterling silver for so long and recently introducing nine-carat gold into my designs, I’ve gained an appreciation for how much my fans love a touch of gold.

In addition to the well-known legends of Matariki, inspiration for the six-piece collection has flowed from the allure and mystique of the southern hemisphere’s winter night sky. “It has always been a fascination for me that global navigators can look into the night sky for direction and pinpoint exactly where they are in the world,” says Boh.

In Aotearoa, the appearance of the Matariki (the Pleiades) galactic cluster of stars is a promise of good things to come in the 12 months ahead.

Not one to shy away from experimenting with design, Boh has included thread earrings in superfine sterling silver with nine-carat star detailing.  She likes to style them mismatched in her personal attire, paired with some of her favourite studs from past collections.

A new chain-link ring design brings something fresh to the collections and can still be stacked with the popular rings from previous Boh Runga ranges.

The Stargazers collection features a pendant, bracelet, thread earrings, a ring and nine-carat gold studs and is available from Boh Runga stockists nationwide and from today.