The Bobby Pin Trick You’ve Been Missing Your Whole Life

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If regular bobby pins don’t ever seem to hold your ‘do then it’s probably because you’ve been doing it all wrong.

While the humble bobby pin looks like a fairly simple piece of beauty kit – don’t be fooled – it’s not. You see we’ve all been using bobby pins upside down! No wonder they never seem to cut it – duh!



So when you’re sliding a bobby pin into your hair the wavy side should be against your scalp. Who knew? The ridges are designed to grip your hair tighter to your head and the smooth side blends in better with your hair and looks more discreet.

To give your bobby pin a little extra staying power simply spritz with dry shampoo. This makes the bobby pin slightly tacky which gives it extra grip.

This news turned our world upside down and we hope it does yours too.

Happy pinning!