The Best New Beauty Tutorials To Transform Your Look This Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner so we decided it was time to track down the best new spooky beauty tutorials to get you in the mood to scare and be scared. The good news is a few of these tutorials don’t even require any special skills or professional makeup. Scroll through and you’ll see what we mean.

1. Zombie

This look is fab because it’s super spooky but you only need three eyeshadow to transform yourself into a zombie. Check out this simple tutorial by Emily Alison to see how easy it is.


2. Half Skull

This look is perfect for a beginner because it’s not too tricky to achieve. Watch the tutorial by Roxxsaurus and get inspired.


3. Little Red Riding Hood

You will need a few more skills to pull this one off but it’s definitely worth the extra effort thanks to beauty blogger Cherry Wallis 


4. Stapled Face

Our very own Shaaanxo has been at it again. This time she’s created a spooky face held together with staples.


5. Creepy Rabbit

This one is not only super easy but really effective too. See how easy it is to create this creepy bunny by Melissa Bernard