There are two types of beauty people in this world: those who swear by all-natural and those who don’t even bother to scan an ingredient list. Until fairly recently my priority when choosing the best beauty products was whether or not they worked. I really didn’t care what the heck was in them as long as I could see results. But after delving a little deeper, while researching a story on some of the nasties that are in some of our favourite products, I pretty swiftly started to change my tune. There’s some scary stuff out there folks and we’re slathering it all over our bodies. 

Now, I’ll never be one to shame fans of chemical products (probs because I used to be one) but I’m now forever on the lookout for plant-based alternatives. So when I received some gorgeous looking new natural body products from Essano I was super keen to put them to the test. If you’re on the fence about going green the very least you can do is make changes where it counts. Given that our skin is our largest organ it’s probably the best place to dump the chemicals and find natural alternatives. 


Essano has just released three new body washes and body lotions called Adore, Bliss and Calm. All are designed to help remind you to take a few moments every day to treat yourself to some often much-needed me-time. Whether it’s a yoga session, a walk along the beach or a relaxing shower – it’s all about calming down, adoring the moment or blissfully chillaxing. The products are also dermatologically tested and contain plant-based ingredients including Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil and Rosehip Oil and they are all made in New Zealand – winning! They also contain no parabens or silicones and are not tested on animals. The body washes are soap and sulphate free and contain no palm oil.


Adore contains Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and is scented with Jasmine and Fig. It’s designed to repair your skin while leaving it feeling smooth and supple. 


Bliss contains Certified Organic Coconut Oil and is scented with a Frangipani and Paw Paw infusion. The Bliss range 
is lightly moisturising and formulated with natural botanicals that cleanse and nourish the skin.


The Calm range is for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and combines nourishing New Zealand Manuka Honey with active Australian rainforest botanicals to moisture and protect. The body lotion is Certified Organic and is lightly scented with Elderflower and Chamomile.

Above: Coconut oil fans are going to love this beautiful Frangipani and Paw Paw combo.



  • All six products are natural and contain no nasties.

  • These products are suitable for all skin types.

  • They smell amazing.

  • Can be used on their own or layered with the matching body lotion for an intensified scent.

  • Well priced – the body washes are $9.99 each and the body lotions are $16.99 each.  

  • All six products are natural and contain no nasties.

  • All of the packaging is 100 percent recyclable.


Above: Essano’s three new divine body lotions.



  • So far there are only three variations available.

  • They smell so amazing and leave your skin feeling so great you’ll probably want to use twice as much!

Above: Essano’s new body products make a stylish addition to any bathroom.



What I really like about these products is that they are green and they actually deliver results. They smell amazing (without being over-powering) and they leave my skin feeling nourished without feeling greasy. They’re a great price, I can pick them up at my local supermarket and I can relax knowing they’re not harming the planet or my body. So all in all they get a huge thumbs up from me.

Above: Body products to help you enjoy some luxurious me time.



If you would like to try before you buy then here’s how you can get your hands on some FREE Essano products. Click HERE to fill out a quick survey and if you are one of the lucky ones randomly selected you will receive a selection of FREE Essano body products to trial at home. So don’t miss out on your chance to get in the draw now! 


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