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I went to an interesting lecture this week by world renowned perfumer Jorg Zimmermann at Auckland’s Westin Hotel. Jorg is the full time perfumer for Dr.Hauschka. Bascially this means that Jorg is responsible for the delicate task of perfecting the fragrance of each and every Dr. Hauschka product. When Jorg began his presentation on fragrance at 5000BC I must say I was a little worried that we’d be there all day. I needn’t have worried. Jorg gave us a potted history of fragrance from early civilisation to today and it was really fascinating to learn how fragrance has played such a major part in life over the centuries. I also have a new found respect for what is actually involved in creating the perfect fragrance.

As I left the event I was given a beautiful bottle of Dr. Hauschka’s new Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturiser to take home to trial.

I’ve been using it morning and night for the past couple of days and it’s truly divine.

Here’s what the press release says about the product.

Toning care that refreshes and invigorates.

Invigorates and refreshes your skin, leaves your skin feeling tighter and firmer, maintains and balances natural moisture levels and is quickly absorbed for immediate nourishment. Do you lead a hectic and demanding lifestyle? We‘ve got just the body lotion for you. The essential oils in our Lemon and Lemongrass Body Moisturiser give it a fresh and tangy citrus fragrance that will tantalise your senses and give you a natural lift, whether you use it morning or night. This invigorating lotion is absorbed quickly, to replenish and maintain your skin‘s natural moisture levels. This invigorating daily body moisturiser is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. In this quickly absorbed formulation, Lemongrass and Lemon pure essential oils combine with extracts of firming Field Horsetail and fortifying Sage to help tone, energise and firm your skin. Quince extract supports your skin’s moisture levels while Jojoba and Olive oils provide intensive, nurturing care. The light and silky lotion leaves skin feeling toned and firm, while you‘ll enjoy a burst of energy and deep sense of vitality, ready for the next busy day.

Personality Profile
Perfect choice for an active person that loves the feeling of the wind through her hair. When this active person does stop, a sense of tiredness creeps in, this is when she needs the support of Lemon Lemongrass.

I have to say I do agree with the press release in that the product feels light-weight on the skin – not thick and heavy. It also absorbs into your skin really quickly leaving it feeling well nourished and not greasy.

That’s why it’s my Obsession of the Moment.