6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Fitbit Could Do PLUS Win A Fitbit

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I recently snagged myself a Fitbit for thirty bucks – yes truly! And no it wasn’t some cheap knock-off, it was the real deal. I recently received the new Fly Buys magazine in the mail and while flicking through it I spied a selection of Fitbits that would be perfect to help me get in shape before summer arrives. So I jumped on to the Fly Buys rewards site to check my points balance and blow me down I had accumulated 1126 points which meant I was closer than I thought to my Fitbit dream. If I purchased a Fitbit Alta using my Fly Buys points I only had to pay an extra $30 to score myself a new state-of-the-art fitness tracker using Fly Buys Points + Cash – nice!

I haven’t been a Fly Buys member for very long at all but I was surprised at how quickly the points actually accumulate especially when you can collect points at so many places including a few of my regulars Z Energy, Liquorland, Noel Leeming and my local Paper Plus. So after ordering my Fitbit on the Fly Buys rewards site all that was left to do was to pop into Noel Leeming and collect it (the same day) and start living the dream!

Now I must admit I’m no newbie to the Fitbit phenomenon – it’s just that I gifted my first Fitbit to my son and my chances of getting it back are zero to none. So while I was getting reacquainted with my Fitbit I thought I’d share some of my favourite Fitbit hacks with you here too. You see, I reckon most people are doing the whole Fitbit thing wrong and I want to make sure you’re not one of them. So here are my top six tips to getting the most out of your Fitbit.


Above: The new Fly Buys Reward magazine is a great way to plan your new “purchases”.

  1. Use your Fitbit so you don’t forget the important stuff! If you have a busy lifestyle and let’s face it most of us do, then you can set the alarm on your Fitbit to remind you of important things you need to do. Your tracker will vibrate any time you have an alarm set. So whether you need reminding to get up from your computer to stretch or a reminder to take your meds each day, your can use the alarms function on your Fitbit throughout the day. To set an alarm, open up your dashboard on your Fitbit app and tap the picture of your Fitbit. On the next screen you can select alarms and customise them to remind you to do anything, any time you need it.
  2. When you forget your Fitbit but still want to track your steps! Okay so you’ve left the house without your Fitbit on your wrist but you still want to count those STEPS! If you have your phone on you then you can still track your steps – yes truly. All you need to do is connect to MobileTrack and the GPS on your smart phone will track your steps – genius huh?
  3. Sync with other health and fitness apps. The Fitbit app is great but if you really want to take your tracking to the next level then you can sync your Fitbit to a handful of other really handy apps. Here are a few of my favourites:

Syncing your Fitbit to the Map My Run app will give you a complete picture of your daily exercise. 

Waterlogged is a great app that records your daily water intake and when synced to your Fitbit will store all your activity, nutrition and hydration information in one place.

FitStar Yoga will sync your fitness stats including calories burned during your yoga classes to your Fitbit account.

Weight Watchers will convert your Fitbit activity into Weight Watchers’ Points.

Wristband Manager helps you visualize your Fitbit activity data and generates useful stats for analysing your sleep, body fat, weight, steps, active calories, distance and stairs climbed.


Above: Who knew such a little device could do so much?


  1. What if your BFF has a different type of tracker! What were they thinking getting a fitness tracker other than the brand you chose right?!! Well, the great news is that even if your BFF has a Garmin or uses their Apple Watch or whatever device they use you can still compete with them. Simply download the Stridekick app which has been designed to integrate all of the top fitness trackers so you can compete and compare activity with your friends – cool huh?
  2.  Get Social! If you are the only person you know with a Fitbit, there are a few easy ways to find Fitbit friends. First go to your Fitbit app and tap on friends. It will suggest people who are already in your contacts’ list who are actively using a Fitbit. If you don’t see anyone there to connect with check the Fitbit addicts Facebook group or login to the Fitbit Community, select your device and join in on the Fitbit forums where members discuss everything from Fitbit problems to sharing their best tips and tricks. Once you’ve made some Fitbit friends, head to your app dashboard and tap Friends to see a list of your friends. Now you can Cheer them, Taunt them or Send them a Message. For more direct competition, you can select Challenges from the app dashboard and invite friends to compete with you. While it still ranks you in order, the idea is to encourage everyone to reach his or her goal, rather than compete for first place.
  3. And just like that . . . it was gone! Those fitness trackers are pretty tiny and it is kinda easy to lose track of them (so to speak!). Luckily all hope is not lost!  Here is what to try if you lose your Fitbit tracker You can also download the Fitbit Finder app which I haven’t used personally but a friend of mine successfully tracked his Fitbit down using this app. It will set you back NZ$7.49 but that is a small price to pay to get your precious fitness tracker back where it belongs – on your wrist!




To celebrate the release of the new Fly Buys Reward magazine we’re giving you the chance to win your very own Fitbit Alta.

To enter to win simply tell us in the comments below what you’d most like to buy with Fly Buys points (if you’re not a member just whip over to the site and take a look at what’s on offer anyway). Plus, follow @flybuysnz on Instagram and like their Fitbit Alta post to be in to win 500 points!

A winner will be drawn and announced here on Monday 21 November.

Haven’t got a reward magazine and want one? Contact Fly Buys HERE

Good luck!



Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter to win. We’re thrilled to announce the super lucky winner is:

Sandra King

Congrats Sandra! Please email your contact deets to win@thestyleinsider.co.nz so we can get your prize on its way out to you pronto.



Above: My Fly Buys points picked up most of the tab for my new Fitbit.