30 Days To Minimalism PLUS Free Printable

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Living a more minimal lifestyle helps me feel less stressed and anxious because I can always find what I’m looking for and owning less tends to bring with it a real sense of calm. But the problem for many people wanting to living a more minimal life is knowing how and where to get started. Sometimes the task ahead seems way too overwhelming and simply to hard to tackle. I regularly get asked about where to start with decluttering and living a more minimal life so I decided to create a simple checklist to help make getting started a little less daunting and the whole process a little easier.

My 30 Days To Minimalism Checklist is a simple template to help you get started on your own minimalism journey. Plus I always think it’s really satisfying to tick things off a list once you’ve completed a task. I’ve also added cards in this video to some of my minimalism videos that I think may help too.

Once I decluttered my home and introduced a little more organization into my life I found my stress levels really start to fade away which is why I’m a huge fan of this lifestyle. But I do find it is something I’m always having to refine as it’s so easy to accumulate things into your life without even realising – especially when you have kids. So whether you’re at the very start of your minimalism journey or you just need a bit of a tune up – I hope my 30 Days To Minimalism Checklist helps.

So print out your free checklist by clicking the link below and take a look at my video for a little more guidance.