Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy about greyhounds. We adopted our first ex-racer, Chesta, (pictured above) almost three years ago and in that time my love affair with the breed has grown and grown. So much so that three weeks ago we adopted our second greyhound – Galaxy (aka Thrilling Galaxy). I feature my “fur babies” a lot in my videos over on YouTube and always get loads of comments so decided to share 20 Things I Love About My Greyhounds to celebrate April being Adopt a Greyhound Month. Now if you ask me every month should be adopt a greyhound month because these gorgeous dogs not only make the best family pets but they have a real knack of working their way into your hearts really quickly. So take a look at my short video below of my two in action and you’ll see what I mean.



Main pic of Chesta by Paula Cagney Photography