10 Tidy Habits To Change Your Life

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A clean and organised home is one of the best ways for me to keep calm and de-stressed. If my home and work environment is cluttered and chaotic, so is my mind. So today I’ve teamed up with VAX to share my top 10 tips for a tidy home. And because we like sharing the love the team at Vax are giving you the chance to win my all-time favourite vacuum cleaner – a VAX SlimVac Cordless Handstick Vacuum cleaner starting at $199. This handy little vacuum takes the hard work out of keeping my home clean and I know you guys will love it as much as I do. But for now take a look at my top cleaning tips in the short video below and scroll down to enter to win.



  1. Clean for 20 minutes a day – Set 20 minutes aside each day to clean instead of doing a few hours on your precious weekends. Play some music or a podcast to make the time go even faster.
  2. Keep your cleaning tools organised – keeping your cleaning tools and products all together makes it really easy to clean on the run.
  3. Create daily habits –  make certain tasks a habit so you don’t have to think twice before doing them. Don’t procrastinate over jobs like making your bed first thing in the morning, emptying the dishwasher, whipping over the floor under the breakfast bench with the vacuum – just do it.
  4. Create a drop zone – this is the one place you put things that need to leave the house so you never forget them. I use a drawer situated at my front door and it’s where I keep my keys and my handbag so I never forget to look in there before I leave the house.
  5. Start a donate box – this is a box that you’ll use to place all sorts of things you no longer need but are too good to be thrown out. Once the box is full you can take it to your nearest charity store for donation.
  6. Create systems for problem areas – if you often find you can’t seem to keep one area of your house tidy it’s a sign you need to create s system for that area or a home for some of the items that are causing clutter. 
  7. Everything needs a home – clutter accumulates if items you own don’t have a dedicated home. If you want to maintain a tidy, organised home then you need to have a place for everything so it’s easy to put things away.
  8. Invest in the right tools – the right tools really do take the hard work out of cleaning. They do a great job and make the experience as pleasant as possible. 
  9. Use the one touch rule – once you pick something up be sure to deal with it accordingly. Don’t procrastinate and put something down (where it doesn’t belong). If you’re touching something be sure to deal with it so you don’t have to come back to this task. 
  10. Quick tidy before bed – before lights out put everything back in order as much as possible so you can start your day in an orderly manner. 

Above: My drop zone is located at my front door.

Above: Keeping cleaning tools and products all together makes life so much easier.

Above: Everything needs a home so it can easily be placed back where it belongs.

Above: My favourite cleaning tool of all is my VAX SlimVac – talk about a super sucker!


VAX Cordless SlimVac Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

Why I love it:
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  • Powered floor head which means the bristles are separately powered to help with sucking up dirt
  • Includes a 3-in-1 tool (crevice, upholstery and dusting brush)
  • Pet/Stair Tool included for easy removal of hair around your home
  • Up-top tool for cleaning in high, hard to reach places
  • Hard floor tool for use on hard floors and tiles.


To help you get the clean and tidy home of your dreams I’ve teamed up with VAX to give away a Cordless SlimVac Handstick Vacuum cleaner valued at $199.

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Huge thanks to everyone who entered to win. We’re thrilled to announce the super lucky winner is: 
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Above: The VAX SlimVac comes with an range of cool attachments that make cleaning SO easy!