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If you love stationery as much as we do you’ll love the new Uniti Wanderlust collection from Warehouse Stationery. Not only is the range super cute but it starts from as little as $7.99 – cool huh? The collection features everything you need to plan the perfect trip, document your travels and a selection of gorgeous card sets. So to celebrate the release of this fab new collection we’re sharing our top travel trips (below) and giving away three three gorgeous card sets to three lucky Insiders.




To celebrate the release of Warehouse Stationery’s new Uniti Wanderlust collection we’re giving away three gorgeous card sets.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter to win. We’re thrilled to announce the super lucky winners are:

Alexandra Holmes

Sophie Addison

Anita Elers-Cooper

Congrats! Please email your contact deets to and we’ll get your prizes sent out to you pronto.




 1. Get organised. When technology let’s you down you can’t go wrong with a pen and paper. I recommend you start writing lists as soon as you have the trip booked, and keep them all in one handy place so you can find them easily. Warehouse Stationery has just released a new range of fashionery called Uniti Wanderlust – perfect stationery for travellers, and it starts from $7.99! The 3-pack of notebooks is a good place to start – they’re easy to carry around and jot notes down in.

 2. Make lists. For everything. Lists of what you’re packing, where you’re going, what you need to do before you leave, and so on. Ticking off items on your list is hugely satisfying and keeps you on track.  

3. Take photos of all your valuables. Store them in your phone, as well as that Dropbox folder we talked about. If anything goes missing, you’ll not only be able to show it to your fellow travellers, you’ll also be able to forward it to your insurance company if it’s gone forever.  

4. Make a backup. Before you leave, make copies of all your important documents (passport, drivers licence, credit cards etc) and email them to: yourself, your mum, your bestie, your brother, etc. Then save them all in a Dropbox and send everyone the link to it. If it’s the middle of the night back home and you need help, make sure there’s lots of people who can get access to these. 

5. Do a closet cleanout. All those old pairs of socks, singlets that won’t survive another summer, and that old hoodie that really needs to be replaced? Take them with you and leave them as you wear them. It’ll cut down on washing time and leave more room in the suitcase! 

6. Buy a Travel Journal. When you’re on the road you want somewhere to write everything you see down. Most of us keep notes in our smartphones these days, but reading notes off your screen just doesn’t seem as much fun when you want to immerse yourself in travel memories months after you’ve unpacked your suitcase! The Uniti Wanderlust range at Warehouse Stationery has an amazing travel journal – it has some handy pages at the front for lists and important info (seen in the pics throughout this post) and a collection of stickers and mini note cards that you can use to enhance your journal.  

7. Take screenshots of helpful maps and info. Gotta love technology! Before you go, dedicate some serious time to looking up all your accommodation and screenshotting the area around it, as well as public transport maps, currency exchange rates, foreign language greetings, and so on. That way, if you’re stuck somewhere without wifi you still have easy access to important info.  

8. Get selfie-savvy. Download some good camera apps to your phone before you go so you can have fun editing pics on the road. My faves for travelling are VSCO, Slow Shutter Cam, and Rookie Cam.  

9. Share your itinerary. I hate to say it, but the world can be a scary place. If anything (touch wood) happens in the area you’re staying, you might not be able to get on facebook straight away and let your friends and family know you’re ok – if a few people know your itinerary and what areas you’re staying in then you will be able to put a lot of worried minds at ease.  

10. Get some cute travel accessories. A passport holder is perfect for when you’re scrambling around in your bag trying to find your passport, and luggage tags help you identify your suitcase in the crowd – very important when you just want to get out of the airport and start your holiday! These ones from the Wanderlust range at Warehouse Stationery are cute AND practical!  


Check out the full Uniti Wanderlust collection.

Thanks to Warehouse Stationery for sponsoring this post.