10 Great Reasons To Adopt A Greyhound Today

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The recent ruling to ban Greyhound racing in New South Wales will see thousands of beautiful ex-racers needing homes. This announcement has shone a spotlight on hundreds of gorgeous greys also looking for homes right here in New Zealand. So in case you needed a good excuse to adopt one of these beautiful creatures here are 10 reasons why greyhounds make loving pets. 

1. They are super affectionate
Greyhounds are the gentle giants of the canine world. They love their owners and are  commonly called “velcro dogs”, because they love sticking close to their owners.

2. They are very quiet
When at home, greyhounds rarely bark or make much noise at all. Okay they won’t make a great watchdog but they’ll be no complaints from the neighbours about a barking dog either.

3. They are very sociable
The gentle and calm nature of greyhounds mean they get on well with other dogs, children and even cats. Adoption agencies like Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) carefully match each dog to ensure you get the perfect pet for you and your family. 




4. There’s no doggy smell
One of the biggest advantages of owning a greyhound is they don’t have that typical doggy smell because their coats aren’t oily like most other breeds. Winning!

5. They make great apartment dogs
Because of the little exercise they require, they don’t need a big backyard. They happily spend much of the day snuggled up on the sofa making them the perfect dog for small homes.

6. They don’t need a lot of exercise
Despite what you may think, greyhounds don’t need a lot of exercise. They have speed but not a lot of stamina. In fact, they are quintessential coach potatoes. They like a lot of sleep and on average need just two short 20 minute walks a day.



7. They require very little grooming.
In comparison to other breeds, greyhounds don’t shed much hair and many greyhounds groom and clean themselves much like cats do. 

8. They are easy to train 
Greyhounds are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds and thousands of years of breeding has made the greyhound what it is today – affectionate, intelligent, gentle and easily trainable. They also walk beautifully on a lead so there’s no training required. 

9. You become part of the great global greyhound community
The cult of the greyhound is far reaching and when you adopt a greyhound you immediately become part of a fabulous, supportive international community of greyhound lovers. The community organises regular meet-ups and all sorts of fun houndie activities.  

10. They are happy to be dressed up
The greyhound is unusual among canines in that it has very little body fat which means they will need a coat and pyjamas in winter. Perfect excuse to have fun dressing up your beloved hound.





Retired racer Jorge photographed by Paula Cagney