10 Fat-Fighting Foods To Add To Your Shopping List

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soft boiled eggs

Did you know that some foods can actually help your body fight fat? Well it’s true and here are the top ten fat-fighting foods to add to you weekly shop.


Eggs now among the foods most widely accepted to help you shift body fat. Last year, experts at the University of Missouri found that a breakfast rich in protein, such as eggs, significantly improves appetite control and reduces unhealthy snacking on high-fat or high-sugar foods in the evening. Oh and don’t forget the old saying: “If there’s an egg in the house there’s a meal in the house.”


Sadly we’re not talking lattes here but as long as you take your coffee black the caffeine helps your body utilise fat stores before relying on carbohydrate (glycogen) for fuel.


When you are asked if you want black pepper ground onto your meal, you should definitely say ‘yes’. Why? Because Korean scientists recently found that piperine – the flavoursome substance that gives black pepper its characteristic taste – can block the formation of new fat cells in the body.


Add a sprinkle of this spice to your breakfast cereal and coffee every day and you could offset some of the ‘fat’ calories you consume.


They are packed with beneficial antioxidant vitamins, but that’s not all you get from eating blueberries regularly. Scientists at the University of Michigan showed that obese rats given meals enriched with blueberries lost fat from their stomachs and, they say, the same could be true for humans.


When you eat apples, always keep the peel on. Why? Because it’s an excellent source of a substance called ‘ursolic acid’ that has been shown to aid fat-burning.


There have long been rumours that green tea aids weight loss by triggering the body to burn abdominal fat. Many scientists think this is because specific tphytochemicals in green tea called catechins not only aid weight control, but improve symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.


Remember the grapefruit diet of the 1980s? Well, it wasn’t as faddy as you might think. A study, published in Nutrition & Metabolism showed that a pre-meal snack of grapefruit or grapefruit juice really can boost weight loss.


A team of scientists from Pennsylvania State University looked at the effects of consuming a small handful (30 grams) of almonds compared with a calorie-matched, high carbohydrate snack on body weight in 52 adults with raised cholesterol. After 6 weeks, weight loss did not differ between the two groups, but the almond diet proved to be a fat-buster, reducing overall abdominal fat, and waist circumference compared to the other snack.


Adding chilli peppers, or even milder red peppers to your menu can actually increase your body’s consumption of calories and “oxidise” layers of body fat, found researchers at the University of California. The ‘heat’ in peppers comes from an active ingredient called capsaicin – the hotter the peppers, the more of it you get.