Style Challenge: My Week Wearing Only Moochi Key Pieces

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A perfect wardrobe starts with great basics so when the gals at moochi challenged me to wear their popular key pieces – and only these pieces – for an entire week . . . I jumped at the chance. Firstly, I’m always up for a challenge and secondly I actually own and wear a few of these pieces anyway so I was already ahead of the game. In fact, it’s these key pieces that make getting dressed in the morning so much easy for me. So armed with a selection of everyday essentials I stepped into a week of wearing top-to-toe moochi. Here’s what those seven days looked like.



For a mostly office bound Monday I kicked off this challenge by grabbing a pair of my all-time favourite moochi tidal pants and teaming them with the aptly named white saviour tunic (because it’s a perfect layering piece) and I adding a cute cami to give the outfit a modern edge and to dress it up a little.  The Tidal pants (I own a white pair) are slim fitting with a dropped crutch which I find super flattering because of the relaxed fit around my inner thighs (the least favourite part of my legs). They are also stretchy so perfect for a day where I’m mostly desk bound. 

Above: Leonie wears moochi Tidal pant, $269.99; Saviour tunic, $199.99; Armour cami, $119.99 and Step sweat, $279.99



For a crazy day of client meetings and a lunch date in the city I opted for comfort and style today. I needed comfy kicks because I knew I’d be on my feet a lot racing between appointments and that was the starting point for this outfit. I wanted to look smart, be comfy and warm too. The white tank worn underneath added a little interest and tied in with the white soles on my shoes to bring the whole look together.  

Above: Leonie wears moochi Key pant, $189.99; Saviour tank, $169.99; Mesh skin, $179.99, Liberate tabard, $289.99; Stud clutch, $219.99 and Twice kicks, $259.99



My go-to style is smart casual and it’s a look a feel most comfortable wearing but when it comes to dressing up I often struggle. So attending a stylish beauty launch at an upmarket restaurant would normally have me stressing but today I simply grabbed these Key pants and wore them with moochi’s Step coat tied at the waist as a dress. Not only was I comfy (which is a fashion must for me) but I also felt slick and stylish in this cool coat that doubled as a dress – gotta love a multi-tasker right? I wore the Twice kicks with this outfit until I needed to head out and then I popped on this gorgeous pair of heels for the event. 

 Above: Leonie wears moochi Key pant, $189.99; Step coat (worn as a dress), $299.99; All Tied Up heel, $399.99 and Stud clutch, $219.99


If you want more tips on how to build your wardrobe with basics take a look at my short video below.



For another day in the office, where comfort is key, I once again grabbed the Key pants and layered up with a simple black tank and then finished my look off with this merino tabard. The fine merino on the tabard makes it snuggly and warm and the chiffon skirt adds a dreamy, feminine edge. This outfit was the perfect combo of comfort and style and the studded leather boots added just the right amount of edge. 

Above: Leonie wears moochi Key pant, $189.99; Saviour tank, $169.99; Laze tabard, $299.99 and Point boot, $499.99



Dresses have never really been my thing but this simple, chic maxi has made me rethink this wardrobe staple. The beauty of a great dress is that it’s always good to go – there’s no styling required. A dress is a complete outfit and is perfect for days when you need to look smart but don’t know where to start. With an evening event to attend today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and team this simple maxi with what’s fast becoming my new favourite pair of pants. Again I wore this look with kicks during the day and swapped them out for heels for the evening. The tie detailing on this maxi means it can be worn many different ways. I decided to tie it around my neck but it also looks great tied high on the waist.

Above: Leonie wears moochi Key pant, $189.99; Lift maxi, $289.99 and All Tied Up heel, $399.99



For a day of personal shopping with two different clients I chose these cool Rap pants teamed with a simple tee worn over my favourite mesh top. I actually own this mesh top and it’s always on high rotation in my wardrobe. It’s the perfect layering piece to wear under just about anything and it means I can wear all of my summer tops all year round too – winning! I finished the look off with a bandana to add a pop of colour and give the outfit a little attitude. 

Above: Leonie wears moochi Rap pant, $249.99; Mesh skin, $179.99, Flag tee, $169.99; Gravity bandana, $79.99 and Twice kicks, $259.99



For a weekend brunch with the family I wanted to be comfy (no surprises there) and still look pulled together so this combo more than fitted the bill. 

Above: Leonie wears moochi Des pant, $269.99; Saviour tank, $169.99; Laze top, $259.99, Trio necklace, $149.99 and Twice kicks, $259.99



What I’ve learned from my week in moochi is the importance of building a wardrobe that includes a good foundation of key pieces. While they don’t all have to be black and white they do need to be in simple colours that are purposely chosen to suit the overall colour palette of your wardrobe. Black and white works brilliantly for my mostly monochromatic style but your look may be more colourful. I update my wardrobe each season by adding a few new accent pieces in colours like grey, nude, denim and for this season I’ve included a few blush pink pieces. It’s easy to add accent colours when your foundation pieces are all in a cohesive colour palette.

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never seem to have anything to wear it’s highly likely you don’t own enough basics. Let’s face it, these pieces aren’t always the most exciting pieces to purchase but they are the glue that holds a great wardrobe together and they’re the building blocks of any outfit.

I believe the perfect wardrobe not only needs to be tailored to your aesthetic but also needs to be fully functional: your jeans should fit well, your sweaters should keep you warm, your bags should carry your stuff without ruining your shoulder, your shoes should feel comfortable all day. But the key to it all and the perfect place to start is with great basics. 



  • Spend as much time as necessary finding items that express your style AND feel good and never compromise on fit or fabric.
  • When it comes to great basics, comfort is a non-negotiable. If it scratches, itches, tugs or rides up – it’s not for you.
  • Build a wardrobe of quality key pieces that last you more than just a few seasons.
  • Aim to build up a wardrobe of harmonising pieces that allow you to express every inch of your style and create an outfit for every occasion.
  • Instead of bargain hunting and impulse shopping for one-season pieces, carefully select each new addition to your wardrobe and pay special attention to the fit, fabric, colour and cut of every piece. One perfect sweater is always better than five imperfect ones.
  • The most versatile items in your closet will get the most use, but you’ll also find it easier to get dressed in the morning when you have plenty of options that can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down.
  • Aim for form AND function. You should be able to walk, run and dance in every outfit.

Above: Leonie’s favourite outfit from the week.