Six Chic Ways To Makeover Your Room With A Clothing Rack

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We all know that walk-in wardrobes are the shizz but the hottest new homeware trend is the humble clothing rack. Not only do these simple storage solutions extend your wardrobe space but they create a cool, not to mention functional, space to showcase your favourite fashion pieces. 

It seems every minimalist space sports a chic, industrial style clothing rack. Not surprising really as they are the perfect combination of form and function. So if you need more closet space or just love the idea of giving your bedroom a mini makeover then get inspired by these six ways to style a simple garment rack.

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If you’re feeling inspired to add a cool clothing rack into your space and you’re up for getting a little crafty then check out this uber cool DIY storage solution. It’s so cool!


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1Kmart Scandi Garment Rack, $49  2. White Garment Rack with Shoe Rest, $25  3. Portable Garment Rack, $10  4. Garment Rack, $32  




Main image: Vienna Wedekind