Rihanna’s Very Own Makeup Collection Is Finally Here

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She’s collaborated with major fashion brands Puma and Dior in the past but Rihanna’s first every beauty brand has just launched and it’s taking the beauty world by storm. Speaking at last week’s launch party for Fenty Beauty Rihanna said that diversity was her number one priority when developing the line. “It was really important to me,” she said. “In every product, I was like, there needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl. There needs to be something for a really pale girl. There needs to be someone in between.”

“There’s so many different shades,” Rihanna continued. “There’s red undertones, there’s green undertones, there’s blue undertones, there’s pink undertones, there’s yellow. You just never know, so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like, ‘Oh, that’s cute, but it only looks good on her’.”

Skin, rather than eyes or lips, is at the centre of this first rollout of Fenty Beauty products. As well as the whopping 40 different shades of foundations, there are also gleaming powder highlighters, a translucent matte primer, shimmering blush and bronzer sticks, blotting powder and papers and concealing and contouring crayons. Zero eye products and only one lip gloss made the cut – which makes us suspect that this is just the beginning of Rihanna’s beauty empire.

Given we haven’t got our hands on any Fenty products to trial yet we went straight to the font of all beauty knowledge Jeffree Star to get the low-down on the collection. By the way it got the Jeffree Star seal of approval which means it must be pretty damn good.