The Real Reason Karen Walker Is Starring In Her New Eyewear Campaign

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Karen Walker has surprised and delighted us with her cool campaigns over the years and her new eyewear collection is one of her best yet. For the first time ever Karen has put herself in front of the camera to launch her new Transformers collection. 

Karen says: “In an average day I need to take on so many different personas. That’s modern life for all women. The images for this campaign sprang out of wanting to reflect that multiplicity.”

As you can see below, Karen takes on a host of different personalities, all with the help of her statement-making eyewear. She has channeled “women who continue to inspire her work including lifelong muse, Princess Margaret, and glam goddess Dolly Parton. She transformed into characters inspired by the various ‘hats’ (or in this case, sunglasses) one must ‘put on’ when navigating our daily lives.”

Asked whether any of these contrived characters are actually the real Karen? “I am all of them – and none of them,” she says. “In the same way that your Facebook page or your Instagram is never really who you are. Personality today is a manufactured entity. We are all our our fictional characters”. Well ain’t that the truth?

There are nine bold frames in the Transformers collection including oversized squares, imposing shields and overblown ’50s cat-eyes.