Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Our Favourite New Label LEO+BE

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The dynamic duo behind the wildly successful local fashion brand Ketz-Ke have joined forces once again to create a new label for us to love. LEO+BE launched in New Zealand this week and if the first collection is anything to go by this fab new label is set to become your new fashion favourite too. To find out a little bit more about LEO+BE we caught up with designers (and sisters) Jenny Drury and Brenda Wilkinson. 

Above: LEO+BE’s Taylor top, $169 and Birdy skirt, $135



Above: LEO+BE Designers Jenny Drury (left) and Brenda Wilkinson.


After 15 years designing Ketz-Ke why did you decide to launch LEO+BE? We wanted to create a youthful label for the girl who always has her finger on the fashion pulse and is looking for something modern and fresh. I suppose it was the logical next step for us really. We wanted to cater to the younger fashion lover who is interested in trendsetting and affordable styles that are easily mixed with her current wardrobe. While LEO+BE is a younger sister to Ketz-ke, the two have very separate identities. LEO+BE has its own unique, playful styling, a gentle, pastel toned palette.

Who is the LEO+ BE girl? A cool, care-free, easy going girl who is confident in her own style. She is a style leader and always has her finger on the pulse whether it’s fashion, art, music or popular culture.

How would you both describe your own personal style? We both have a very similar style actually – maybe it’s a sister thing! I’d like to think we’re both able to predict upcoming trends, but we also allow our personalities to shine through in the way that we dress. Perhaps my style could be described as more classic, while Brenda’s tends to be a bit edgier.

Where did the name LEO+BE come from? The name references both Brenda and I – ‘LEO’ is my star sign and ‘BE’ is short for Brenda.

Above: LEO+BE Sophia top, $159


Above: LEO+BE Logo tee, $98


Above: LEO+BE Blake shirt, $159; Birdy skirt, $135 and Birdy jacket, $198



Above: Karlie tank, $89 and Chloe pant, $159


Above: Gigi playsuit, $185


Above: Hailey dress, $169


Above: Margot top, $185 and Sienna pant, $139


Above: Lara top, $159 and Heidi pant, $185


Above: Kendall tee, $98 and Poppy skirt, $119


Above: Lily Rose top, $139 and Spot scarf; $29


Above: Logo tee, $98 and Camel Flower scarf, $29