Marie Claire Opens It’s First Ever Bricks & Mortar Beauty Store With A Difference

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It seems magazines are doing whatever it takes to attract readers these days and in a world first women’s lifestyle magazine Marie Claire has opened it’s first ever bricks and mortar beauty store.

The pop-up store opened this month on London’s Tottenham Court Road to bring together an online and physical shopping experience. The Fabled by Marie Claire store includes digital touch screens where customers can learn about brands and individual products, and then these link through to the website for purchase. So basically everything in the store is a sample to be touched and smelled and played with and the customer still effectively shops online. 

There is also a space where customers can test and experiment with beauty products, and a Fabled Edits area dedicated to seasonal recommendations, based on an editorial concept from within the pages of the most recent Marie Claire magazine. There is also a fragrance room, and an entire mezzanine level for skincare products.

It sure sounds and looks really rad but we’re not sure how it would feel walking away empty handed after “shopping”. 

What do you guys make of this new concept?