Magnetic False Lashes Are The Latest Beauty Must-Have

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If you find it a struggle applying false lashes then we may have found a perfect solution. Magnetic eyelashes are the latest craze taking the beauty world by storm and we think they look A-mazing! 

Here’s how it works—each eye uses a small set of strip lashes. Attached to each strip is a tiny magnet and you essentially place one strip on top of your natural lashes and the other strip on the underside of your lashes and they simply click together. The magnet is tiny and lines up with your lash line so it kind of looks like eyeliner. The best part is they stay put for hours!

The magnetic lashes, made by One Two, look incredibly natural and according to the online reviews, once you get the hang of putting them on (apparently it’s a bit challenging at first) takes “less than 10 seconds” to apply. Sounds pretty easy, right? Now to order a set!

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